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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Charly Boy releases interesting new photos

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"I go Ride my Bike from Abuja to China if Buhari fit make 1Naira =1Dollar" - Charly Boy

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Beat Your Wife - By Charly Boy

When I look back at my life, and all the stuff I did as a carefree, young and restless youth,  I can't help but shudder at some of my very bad habits. Yes, I was once short-fused; blowing off at the slightest provocation. It was pitiful. Over time I have managed to rid myself of such sad habits but that can't be said for a lot of men some of who, even late in their lives can't still get over it, thereby losing their cool in their homes. No be small thing sha.

Domestic violence is an under reported crime in Nigeria, almost accepted as norm. Some  men feel it's their right, some feel it's always the women who bring out the beast in them, while others will readily admit its a way of stamping their authority in the home. Sadly, many don't see anything wrong with beating their wives. How sad! Yes, am aware there are women who beat up their husbands, but those are in the minority and this piece ain't about them. The most guilty perpetrators are usually men and the victims are mostly their wives and sometimes their children too.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Oguta Carnival - by Charly Boy

Article written by Charly Boy. Enjoy bleow...

The second edition of The Oguta Carnival, aptly tagged "The Exodus" may have come and gone but left an indelible mark on my people's conscience. More than a few mediocre minds never thought it was possible to repeat the stunt of 2013 carnival, but thank God 2014 was even much better and bigger than the median edition. You can now start to OMG imagine what The 2015 edition will be like, God keeping us all alive.
Last year August 2013 at the residence of my Big sister, Mrs Angela Lucas. The Patriot team was born. Most worrisome where the events that lead to the formation of the Patriot group. Our once bubbly city was humbled by the reality of bad leadership, poverty, unemployment, hopelessness, gangsterism, kidnapping, killings, a town infested with cocaine, crack and any kinda drugs. Chineke God you been dey sleep? Oguta had no electricity for 4years, nobody did anything about it. Chasaa!!! The only business in town was Burials and weddings, where some people who may not have eaten for days go to hustle for food, because the poverty in AMESHI OBODOGIRIGIRI is obnoxious and sinful. Matters where compounded with the unemployment in Nigeria, our youths became restless and misdirected, all in the name of dirty politics and survival.
Like a ship without a captain, our cherished OBODOGIRIGIRI, our little London was drifting away to undeserved destination. An ugly scenario  where rancour, bitterness, animosity, selfish discrimination, idiosyncrasies have become the order of the day which has continued to undermine the development of Oguta. Tufiakwa. Our place of pride lost. Our cultural heritage, educational reputation, brotherly love for one another all gone with the wind. Those inherent qualities in which our sister towns used to admire us for eluded us. We have equally been outweighed in the alter of  social-economic and political advancements.
What do we bloody have? NOTHING. No representation in government or anywhere for that matter. NOTHING. With a pocket of blessed people in Ameshi, we have continued to remain an eye sour of our past prestige. Things fall Apart. 

Yet as an opportunity once again presents itself for us to win back our pride, our groove and our brotherly love for one another, what do we do? we again want to fuck it up, Mbanu! As per today, Oguta Carnival is the only thing Ameshi has going for her. It is becoming the only thing my people can look forward to every year, wether you are in Europe, America or Asia. It will become the only thing that can unite my people. The Carnival, for those who have eyes is a way of putting OBODOGIRIGIRI on the tourism map in Nigeria, which will foster development, commerce, tourism, etc etc. When commerce is activated, poverty will reduce, the youths who are hard working will see something to positively engage their mind. The pepper seller will sell. Gangsterism will be kept at bay. Why can't some Assholes see this. This isn't rocket science, it is not algebra or chemistry. How can we have people who went to school yet so uneducated. You will be surprised that their are people who are so small minded to the point that they will openly clam that The Patriots agenda is an Umudei agenda. Damn! I can understand the poor, hungry and angry ordinary people, not the few God has blessed, who shy away from coming together to make our small London a place of Pride. If some people are intimidated because The brand CharlyBoy is involved, why can't they start their own. It may not be Carnival, but whatever that can enhance the community. No where e easyooooo.

My people, my brothers and sisters, Umu Ameshi, It is time we change our lackadaisical, myopic, bad belle, and pull him Down syndrome that has taken over Ameshi.  It is time we become more proactive to what's happening in our town. We must give our youths hope because, at the core of this problem is unemployment, poverty and hopelessness. I don't blame the poor, how can they think straight on an empty stomach. I am peed off with those who should know yet pretend not to know. It is time we wake up and face the challenge of fixing our town dropping all these stupid nonsensical ego tripping. Let the few who can see the bigger picture please please please, try and come together because the  survival and restoration of Obodogirigiri  lies in the hands of the exceptional few. Biko.

As for me, Area Fada. Am already on this ship called The Patriots, there is nothing anybody can do about that,  like it or not. I think my antecedent has proven that for whatever I believe in; for any cause I am passionate about, that I will forge through the challenges to see the cause achieved! I always win, even though I understand I can't win them All. I plan to bring all I have to bear in seeing Oguta blossom again, even if a few bad Belles are busy scrutinising my purpose and intent, na for their pocket. I no send una. Yesoooo! I am an apostle of public order enshrined in transparency, probity and accountability, no be my papa born me? no matter how the Brand's Image has fooled narrow minded Naijas. Haters shouldn't waste their time with this silly hating game! Because you no  see me, I no see you.

For those who know me, I really have no time for Bullshiting because I have come boldly and bravely from a place very few men will be courageous enough to stand and be counted. Let us encourage all the positive talk and actions that will unite us not separate us. Let us build the new OGUTA Ameshi based on the love we once shared, not on imaginary enemies. Some of us feed off crisis, some of us, are masters of confusion but it wont work this time because some people are awake, there are a few of us who have sworn to keep adding value in the face of uncoordinated opposition, sorryooooo, CharlyBoy and the Patriots have come to stay. Ameshi MUST ROCK again. And we all will be Proud. Happy New Year my people, remain blessed.

Friday, December 19, 2014

You by Charly Boy

 My personal person, personally I know what you are going through this season, these are crazy times, and most of us are about to snap, life is really unpredictable with its twisted sense of humour. I dey feel you die my guy, I understand your pain, your hopelessness in an environment that has promised so much but have given so little. With this mass unemployment, consistent frustration and stagnation, coupled with the anticipation of who will lead you in 2015, how can you break this jinx you ask?

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Wandering P3nis - by Charly Boy (must read)

Y'all need to read this. Charly Boy really opened up in the piece. Did y'all know he had his first child at 16 and that he was molested as a young boy? Well, read his article below...
Some say that I am gay; some have called me a fag, crazily some think am a transvestite. Some will swear I’m bisexual, hummmmmm. My Sexuality has always been a subject of great scrutiny and misconception ever since I can remember, and I have had a ball if I say so myself. Na today? E don tey!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Religion/Mumugiousity’ - by Charly Boy

Article written by Charly Boy...enjoy! 

For starters, don't pick up the dictionary to lookup ‘Mumugiousity’, I coined it myself but you go soon grab weytin I wan yarn.

As I approach this topic I want to be careful so readers don't get the whole essence of this write up, twisted. E no dey hard some people. Religion is a touchy subject for a lot of people and in my household it is generally not considered "polite conversation."