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Poroshenko After Minsk meeting: Donbas Autonomy, Federalization Not an Option.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has straight rejected the thought of allowing an expansive self-rule to the eastern Donbas locale, and of making Ukraine a federation.


Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has straight rejected the thought of allowing an expansive self-rule to the eastern Donbas locale, and of making Ukraine a federation.

“Ukraine was, is and will remain a unitary state. Federalization is not an option,” president Poroshenko composed on his Facebook page in the quick wake of the four-sided chats on closure the yearlong clash, which wrapped up in Minsk on Thursday.

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany met for 16 hours attempting to explode a peace guide that would facilitate strains in Ukraine’s war-torn east.

After the discussions it was reported that this year is out Ukraine would change its constitution to include a clause on decentralization and a special status for the Donbas region.

On Wednesday President Poroshenko said the proposed decentralization program his legislature was dealing with had literally nothing to do with making Ukraine a federative state.

US Sends twelve Thunderbolt II Attack Planes to Eastern Europe

The United States plans to send 12 A-10 Thunderbolt II assault flying machine and pretty nearly 300 servicemen to NATO-member nations in Eastern Europe.

Thunderbolt II Attack Planes

The United States has sent 12 Thunderbolt II assault flying machine and roughly 300 servicemen to a US Air Force base placed close to a German town of Spangdahlem as a major aspect of an alleged Theater Security Package (TSP), the US Air Force in Europe (USAFE) reported.

The TSP, tasked with supporting provincial security under Operation Atlantic Resolve, will then be sent to NATO-part nations in Eastern Europe. As per USAFE, the TSP will direct flying preparing organizations and off-station preparing with NATO associates. Thunderbolt II flying machine give close-air backing of ground strengths.

“The TSP is another way the Air Force is increasing rotational presence in Europe to reassure our allies and partner nations that our commitment to European security is a priority,” said Lt. Gen. Tom Jones, vice commander of US Air Forces in Europe.

Barack Obama Threatened Vladimir Putin Before Minsk Meeting – German Media

A few German media establishments composed that amid the late telephone discussion, US President Barack Obama debilitated the Russian President Vladimir Putin with genuine results for Russia’s asserted contribution in the Ukrainian clash.


White House says Obama told Putin the expenses for Russia will climb if Russia proceeds with forceful activity in Ukraine.

US President Barack Obama cautioned Vladimir Putin that “the costs for Russia will rise” if the country does not stop its alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, German media wrote.

This was in reference to the late telephone discussion between the leaders of two nations, which occurred a day prior to the compromise chats on the Ukrainian emergency in Minsk.

“Obama is urging Putin to peace and threatening,” the German daily paper “Pass on Zeit” composed. As indicated by the daily paper, the US president told Vladimir Putin that he would need to pay a high cost if the contention is not settled.

“Der Spiegel” magazine additionally noted that Obama’s calls for peace contained an undermining tone. The US leader by day and night blamed Russia for military contribution in the Ukrainian clash. In the event that Russia proceeds with its “forceful activities” in Ukraine and furnishes freedom supporters with weapons and monetary help, then “the costs for Russia will rise”, Obama warned.

US Senator Kelly Ayotte claims that US President will have adequate bipartisan backing for giving guarding weapons to Ukraine

Obama Has Congressional Support to Arm Kiev if Minsk Talks Fail – Senator

Moscow has over and over denied the claims and guaranteed its noninvolvement in the Ukrainian clash. German daily paper “Pass on Welt” refered to the announcement of press representative for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, who accentuated Russia’ s enthusiasm for a quiet determination of the emergency and said that further authorizes and deadly arms supplies would just add to the disintegration of the circumstances. The US as of late reported that it is considering the likelihood of supplying Ukrainian troops with deadly weapons.

The issue of direct US military help still stays on the US plan, the Swiss daily paper “Blick” composed, including, nonetheless, that European nations, for example, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Austria and Sweden contradict the thought of US contribution in the Ukrainian crisis.

Obanikoro Drags Punch, Premium Times, Sahara Reporters Others to court !

Wahala wa oh! As indicated by @BTBreakingTimes, previous Minister of State for Defense, Musiliu Obanikoro sues Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, Punch Newspapers, Omoyele Sowore, manager of Sahara Reporters and Festus Owete for N1billion for that tale about Ekiti race misrepresentation. Hmm



'I'm Not A Religious Fanatic' - Gen Buhari Meets Catholic Bishops In Abuja [Pics]

APC Presidential competitor, Gen. Buhari and his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo met with some Catholic Bishops in Abuja yesterday February tenth.

Shocking! Primary 2 Pupils nabbed Having Group S*x

Some Grade Two understudies in a grade school at Bulawayo in Zimbabwe were discovered having gathering sex amid break time.


As indicated by reports, the school security got them in act after one of the understudies was seen crying plentifully for supposedly being let well enough alone for the group sex. A instructor at the school is accounted for as saying, “what happened is that the groundsman heard one of the Grade 2 pupils sobbing bitterly at the classroom corner and got concerned. When he asked her what had happened, the girl while pointing at some pupils who were having sex said: ‘Uhlala esenza lo, lalowana, lalowaya mina engangenzi’ (meaning he is always doing others while leaving me out.)

When the stunned groundsman asked the pupils what they were doing they immediately spruced up and ran back their classrooms.”

The groundsman then reported the case to the headmistress who drove a group of educators to hunt the school bags of the pupils. An accumulation of obscene blue film discs and condoms were found in their school sacks. This has since urged the school authority to embrace another stop-and-inquiry strategy. In a related improvement a few teachers in the region have initiated an undertaking where they direct lessons and disseminate condoms.

Bloomberg claims Dangote loses almost half of his fortune over the past 6 months?


As per Bloomberg Billionaires, Nigeria’s wealthiest man Aliko Dangote lost pretty much 50% of his $21billion in 6 months. Is this genuine? If true how come ?

Boyfriends Association of Nigeria (BAN)

It has come to our Notice that INEC on 7th February

2015 by 10pm. Shifted the election which was

meant to hold on 14th February Valentine’s day

without a proper consultation with Boyfriends

Association Of Nigeria.

We BAN want too use this

medium and opportunity to inform Nigerian citizens

that Valentine can not Hold on 14th February 2015

due to the security challenges affecting our country.

The Alert which we received from NSA,SSS and NPF

indicates that all Fast food, joints,Hotels,Atm spots,

and even Mama Nkechi`s house and under trees in

every area in Nigeria are targets for

Bokoharam.Please our dear Ladies we Love you so

much…… and we don’t want another Titanic to

repeat itself again.Kindly Stay in your house house

as we also will do same,in our respective House’s

and churches praying for the goodwill is Nigeria.We

shall fix a Next Date for the Valentine or carry it

over depending when Book Haram stop

Bombing .Thanks for understanding and also pray

that our soldiers will defeat Boko haram soonest.


Boyfriends Association Of Nigeria (BAN)

What Yorùbá Name Would You Give her ?


What Yorùbá Name Would You Give This Beautiful Youngster If She Were Your Daughter ??

Pics: Check out singer Praiz' outfit to his album listening party

Artist Praiz wore this outfit to his collection, ‘Rich and famous listening gathering in South Africa the previous evening.

You like ?

Dame Patience Jonathan Alleged To Have Bought Lavish Homes In Brazil and USA

While numerous Nigerians keep on moping in miserable destitution, Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan has kept on spending luxuriously inside and outside her Aso Villa living arrangement.


Sources near to the Rivers State indigene uncovered to  us emulating late revelations that the excess way of life of the first woman will take the breath away of numerous Nigerians. 1st Lady Jonathan apparently purchased a house in Hendon, North London, the house is said to be worth millions.

She burns through £40,000 every term on school expenses, and about £120.000 every youngster in the tuition based school , in Peterborough. The kids are between the ages of 11 and 14. This  notwithstanding the Mansion she as of late procured in Washington  DC and Brazil. The House in Hendon is been assessed at over $20million, road esteem. She likewise purportedly goes with 200 escort  twice  consistently. The sources uncovered further that, “those were the few tat we are aware of. There are a ton of different stuffs which she manages with no alarm. She is as careless as her spouse, if not more terrible.

REVEALED: 20 Owners Of Richest Oil Blocks In Nigeria

The names of these people and how they got into this business will shock you though most of them are Northerners.


Please Read on:

Extracts From Pres. Jonathan's Media Chat Held In Abuja.

Nigeria’s leader, Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday facilitated his eight presidential media talk since May 2011. The difficulties defying Nigeria – frailty, the economy, defilement, shortage of infrastructure – were to a great extent examined.


Here’s all he said

The Meaning of Ìsèse !

The ocean was full beyond the eyes,

The lagoon overflowed,
Those who swim in shallow water swam in the shallows,

Those who swim in deep water swam in the deep water,
The water trapped on a rock doesn’t flow away,
The elders reviewed the matter and came to a hopeless conclusion,
Their faces was covered with thick hair,
Their thick beards covered their chests,
They performed Ifa divination for Ìsèse (The progenitors),
Ìsèse, which is the supreme sacrificial rite on earth,
Ìsèse, which is the supreme sacrificial rite in heaven,
One’s mother is Ìsèse,
One’s father is Ìsèse,
It is Ìsèse that we appeased and receive blessings.

~Holy odù Ògúndáwónrín
Ìsèse is the foundation of our spirituality, it encompasses the whole journey…what as been happening before, currently happening and won’t stop occurring. Everything we built was built on the shoulders of our progenitors…doesn’t have to be biological but the occupants of heaven and earth before us. Ìsèse l’àgbà (Ìsèse is the supreme).


Happy Itadogun !!

May the next 17 days of travel bring wisdom and prosperity.


We appreciate all our participating members and students. Thank you for making this group IFA University a fantastic place to learn and grow. Ifa Seun!

"Be as strong as Ogun on the inside and as wise as Ifa on top"


…that is a verse from an Odu I cannot remember which. Can someone help me? Which odu is it? It came to mind when I saw this icon. Thank you to all who help…

Oriki: What is the importance of chanting Oriki to the Orisa and IFA?

Ori kiki: What does it do?


Does Oriki follow a pattern or formula like Odu? Does oriki give information seperate from Odu or does Oriki use information from Odu? Translation of what Oriki means? The picture below is of women chanting Oriki of a town at the installation of a new Oba. Thank you to all who answer.

Idobale is full prostration done by men traditionally


…but what is this greeting or salute shown here called? Do women do this touching ground traditionally? When does a male do this versus idobale? What does idobale translate to? Do men idobale in the shrines? Any answers are appreciated!

Can you guess what country this picture was taken?


Your final answer ?