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Xenophobia: See the camp where about1,000 displaced people are now living in SA

Here are a few photographs from the Internally Displaced evacuees camp with 1000 individuals, including a ton of little kids and pregnant ladies who up to this point had their own particular homes however now are compelled to live in these tents in this camp in dowtown Johannesburg in a area called Germiston which additionally was community for a ton of Xenophobic assaults.

The camp, lodging displaced workers from all over Africa including Nigeria, was set up about a week back alongside the Primrose Hill Police station, on Poppy Rd, Germiston to counteract further assaults.

Organizer of Health PR and Catwalk the World Peace campaigns in South Africa, Matthew Mensah, was there as of late to deliver foods.See more photos bellow.

PDP: National Working Committee did Not Handle Presidential Campaign Fund - Metuh

The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Olisa Metuh has distanced the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) from the controversy surrounding the handling of the PDP Presidential campaign funds saying the NWC never received any amount from any quarter for the campaigns.

The PDP spokesman who stated this while fielding questions at a radio programme in Abuja on Monday also noted that President Goodluck Jonathan has denied ever spending the bandied N2 trillion on his campaigns but added that NWC was not involved in the management of any fund released for the campaign.

He further explained that all funds during the campaign were directed and managed by the Directorates of the Presidential Campaign Organization, which the NWC had no control over.

Rasaq Okoya's daughter & Alao-Akala's son mark 1st wedding anniversary with superhero-themed shoot

Ex-Oyo governor Adebayo Alao-Akala’s son Olamiju Alao-Akala and elite rich person businessperson, Rasaq Okoya’s daughter Hadiza Okoya, who got hitched April 20th 2014 are marking their first wedding commemoration today. They released this superhero-themed pics to celebrate. Well done to them.

"I've photographed more N@ked Girls than I will ever F**k" - Famous photographer Obi Somto

You know they say exceptionally created people can be unusual.

Obi has captured very much various models naked, and it looks some of them think he needs to lay down with them. This is similar to a disclaimer from him. Perused what he posted beneath…

See what oligarchs told Putin when he became the president of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his view on topics “starting from the Chechen campaign and ending with oligarch friends, attitude to power and attitude toward God” in new made-for-TV film, according to the statement of Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov.


Russian President Vladimir Putin covered a wide range of issues, including the Chechen war and Russia’s role in world affairs, during an almost two-hour interview to be used for a new made-for-TV film, Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who hosted the interview, said Monday.Solovyov said Putin shared his view on topics “starting from the Chechen campaign and ending with oligarch friends, attitude to power and attitude toward God.”

The president also spoke about what it takes to be a leader on this scale, according to Solovyov.

“He said: ‘as a matter of fact [you have to sacrifice] everything, there is no normal life at all, this is why I always honestly say that I do not like to work as president at all,'” Solovyov stated.

Putin’s relations with Russian oligarchs also came up in the interview, parts of which will be used in the film, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Putin’s presidency, which will be broadcast on Sunday.

“Putin said that soon after he became president a group of oligarch mates came and said: ‘Do you understand that you are not a president? We will rule the country,’ and Putin said: “We shall see,” Solovyov said.

Putin is currently serving his third four-year term as president of Russia after also holding the post in back-to-back terms from 2000 to 2008. He served as prime minister for four years before being elected president again in March 2012. Putin’s current term expires in 2018.

US Army Commander Confirms NATO "Not Interested in a Fair Fight"

Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, says comments made by the commander of the US army in Europe, Lieutenant General Frederick “Ben” Hodges, in a recent interview, is an admission that NATO would never have an equal relationship with Russia.


© AP Photo/ Sergei Chuzavkov

“The commander of ground forces in Europe, General Frederick Ben Hodges, was very honest in his interview with the Telegraph,” Kosachev wrote on his blog, citing part of the article in which General Hodges said:

“We’re not interested in a fair fight with anyone. We want to have overmatch in all systems. I don’t think that we’ve fallen behind but Russia has closed the gap in certain capabilities. We don’t want them to close that gap.”

Superiority Over Russia

Kosachev says that western military leaders have admitted that NATO will work to achieve superiority over Russia and that the expansion of NATO to the Russian borders is dictated by the desire to dominate in all fields.

This, according to the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, is the first time a commander of ground forces in Europe has reiterated what the Russia Federation has been saying for a long time.

“The goal of the plans is to get NATO military superiority over Russia (not the defense of values, nor even containment and preservation of defense capabilities needed),” said Kosachev.

“NATO would never allow equality.”

Samuel Eto'o & his wife lra Lou Georgette cuddle up on the steps of his Private Jet

Footballer Samuel Eto’o and his wife lra Lou Georgette loved up on the steps of his private jet as they arranged to fly out.

See another pic bellow.

See Sweet new Pics of Mo Abudu!

Photo credit: Joyce Jacob Beauty

She’s soo beautiful.

See another one bellow.

US Requests For Drug Baron Senator-Elect Kashamu’s Extradition

According  Saharareporters, the government of the United States of America has begun fresh moves to extradite Senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu to face drug trafficking charges, which he has been evading for several years now.buruj-Kashamu

This was revealed by his lawyer, Mr. Ajibola Oluyede, in a petition to the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC. In the petition, Oluyede also accused former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, of being behind the plot to extradite Kashamu.  According to Oluyede, “Kashamu’s enquiry revealed that indeed there had been moves by US officials within the region to secure the assistance of the head of the INTERPOL division in Nigeria, Mr. Solomon Arase, a Deputy Inspector General of Police, for the arrest and delivery to the US officials of Kashamu for transportation to the US without following the due process required by the Nigeria Extradition Act.

“Mr. Kashamu’s informant revealed that Arase has confirmed that Donna Chabot approached him in January 2015. The said Ms Chabot is an attaché with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and  Customs Enforcement at the American Embassy route Des Almedies BP, 49, Dakar, Senegal and requested that INTERPOL Nigeria assist in the abduction of Kashamu for the purpose of his forcible transportation to the U.S. to face trial before Judge Norgel.”

According to Saharareporters, the name of the self-acclaimed philanthropist and a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, came up in a Court ruling dated September 25, 2009 by Judge Charles R. Norgle of the United States District Court in Chicago, Illinois in which the Judge upheld Kashamu’s indictment by the U.S government on drug trafficking charges and conspiracy to smuggle heroin into the country. Kashamu was described by the U.S government as the kingpin of the drug cartel.

In his response, Kashamu published several rebuttals in the newspapers and alleged that he was not the one being sought after by the United States Government, but that the alleged crime was committed by one of his brothers who is now dead. Kashamu, in his defence, also claims that he had been cleared by a British Court and produced what purports to be the decision of a Magistrates’ Court in England. Kashamu also referred to his issuance of German visa sequel to his clearance by international security agencies as a further proof that he is not a fugitive and that the U.S. may have been looking for a wrong person.

However, the matter is far from over as the United States government insists that the man the U.S government is looking for is no other person than Buruji Kashamu, not his brother and that the government of the U.S. still regards Buruji Kashamu as a drug kingpin and a fugitive from the United States law.

The U.S. further states that it has never withdrawn its warrant of arrest against Kashamu, maintaining further that the charges against Kashamu remain pending and will request for his extradition from Nigeria in due course.

The United States Government has also accused Buruji Kashamu of using fraudulent means to obtain a German Visa in 2009. The U.S government notes in its brief that Kashamu communicated with German officials using the name “Buruji Kashamu Shodipe” instead of Buruji Kashamu. According to the U.S. government, Kashamu was indicted in the United States under the name “Buruji Kashamu” and the warrant of arrest against him was issued in that same name. It is the position of the U.S. that any confusion by German officials that led to the issuance of a Schengen visa to Kashamu may have been caused by Kashamu’s use of the surname “Shodipe” in his application and communications with the German consulate.

Saharareporters investigation has revealed that there is indeed, a pending criminal action against Mr. Buruji before the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois involving fifteen people. The Case 1:94-cr-00172 is before Hon. Judge Charles R. Norgle. While Kashamu’s other coconspirators had been jailed, Kashamu’s case is being held under the fugitive Calendar.

In February, 2009, Kashamu hired a team of lawyers to appear for him in the case for the purpose of filing a Motion requesting the Court to quash the arrest warrant which his lawyers led by Pravin B. Rao did.

In the Motion to quash the arrest warrant, Mr. Pravin Rao made copious reference to the United Kingdom’s extradition proceedings in which Kashamu was freed after spending five years in British jail. His lawyers also pleaded res judicata and argued that the U.K. decisions are final and should therefore, be binding on the U.S.

In its response, the United States government disagreed with Kashamu on all four grounds and argued that Kashamu’s Motion to quash arrest warrant should be denied by the Court. On September, 25, 2009, the District Court Judge upheld the U.S. position and denied Kashamu’s Motion to quash his arrest warrant. The judge also declared Buruji Kashamu a fugitive.

However, Kahamu’s lawyers  filed another Motion praying the Court to reconsider its decision of September 25, 2009.

Trouble started for Kashamu when in March 1994, defendant Kary Hayes, a passenger arriving at O’Hare International Airport  (“O’Hare”) on a flight from Zurich, Switzerland, was arrested after he tried to smuggle into the United States a suitcase containing approximately 14.16 pounds of heroin. Hayes was one of a long line of couriers in a heroin smuggling operation allegedly led by Kashamu.  The government charged Hayes and other couriers after this initial arrest. Many of these couriers cooperated and provided information about their contacts with Kashamu.

On May 21, 1998, a grand jury charged Kashamu and others in a Second Superseding Indictment with conspiracy to import heroin into the United States in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Section 963. Between July 7, 1998 and January 27, 1999, nine of the fourteen defendants named in the Second Superseding Indictment pleaded guilty. These nine defendants admitted their participation in the heroin smuggling organization and all acknowledged that Kashamu, the man they called “Alaji” or “God,” was the person ultimately in charge of the heroin smuggling organization. Some of these couriers, including defendants Catherine Cleary Wolters and Nicholas Fillmore, Jr., had visited with Kashamu at his residence in Benin in connection with the heroin smuggling organization.

One of the couriers, defendant Ellen Wolters, had a romantic relationship with Kashamu. The smuggling trips and trips to visit Kashamu in Benin were documented by, among other things, money transfer orders from Western Union and American Express, flight records, credit card charges, hotel records, and telephone call detail records. The telephone records, for example, reflected calls from the couriers to Kashamu’s residence in Benin.

Kashamu was ordered detained following his December 1998 arrest and he was incarcerated  in London’s Brixton Prison during the pendency of extradition proceedings based on the government’s warrant in the instant case.

APC disregards speculations about appointments, zoning !

The All Progressives Congress has urged Nigerians to disregard what it portrayed as “the wild hypotheses” making the rounds concerning the arrangement of ministers and the zoning of workplaces under the approaching Muhammadu Buhari administration.

In an announcement in Abuja on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said there was no truth to anything that had been dispensed by the “hyperactive gossip factory” concerning the issue of arrangement, particularly the zoning of the National Assembly’s primary positions and different workplaces.

It said “in the genuine custom” of the APC, all issues of open interest would be taken care of straightforwardly and passed on to Nigerians through the typical communication channels.

”No appointments have been made and no offices have been zoned. The main concern of our party at the moment is to ensure a smooth transition and to hit the ground running, in the overall interest of the long-suffering people of Nigeria.


”At the appropriate time, Nigerians will be informed of the appointments made and the offices zoned,” APC said.

Xenophobia In South Africa: Nigerians lost ₦ 21m in burnt cars, looted & burnt shops, - envoy

In a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, the Nigerian Consul-General in South Africa, Amb. Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said Nigerians living in South Africa have lost more than N21m Rand (1.2m) in plundered shops, smoldered shops, two blazed mechanic workshops, 11 smoldered autos and two stolen autos, among others since the xenophobic assaults in a few parts of South Africa began. She said the damages are huge.

See what she said bellow.

Couple nabbed for stabbing 10-year-old girl in her private part

A couple, Eucharia Chukwuma and Jerry Oko-Oboh living in Joshua road, Ajangbadi territory in Lagos state have been captured for wounding 10 year old Chidinma presented above in her private part over assertions that she fiddled with the private part of their 3 year old little girl, Peace on April 6th.
According to Punch, on the day of the incident, the 10 year and the 3 year old, who are neighbours, went out to play. After the couple’s daughter returned home from playing with Chidinma, she complained to her parents that Chidinma had fiddled with her private part. Angered by the allegation, the girl’s mother Eucharia went to Chidinma’s house and met with Chidinma’s mother, Ofia.

She asked to see Chidinma and when she saw her, she told the little girl to follow her. On getting to the couple’s house, Chidinma denied the allegation and was beaten up and stabbed with a broken bottle and smeared it with pepper. Chidinma’s mother, hearing the cry of her child, rushed to the couple’s house but found that the door was locked.Seeing the harm they had done to Chidinma, the couple immediately fled their compound. They were later arrested by the Okokomaiko Police station and dragged before an Apapa Magistrate Court on a three count charge bordering on assault.

The case is currently in court.

OBJ planning to extradite me to the US- Buruji Kashamu alleges

Chieftain of the PDP, and Senator-elect for Ogun East Senatorial District, Prince Buruji Kashamu, has raised alarm over what he describes as a plan by former President Obasanjo to instigate local and foreign security agencies to arrest him in Nigeria and extradite him to the US, to answer to some alleged drug-related charges.

Recall that Prince Kashamu was the one who got the Federal High court order that banned the former President’s autobiography, My Watch, which has now been vacated by the same court.

Prince Kashamu had accused Chief Obasanjo of dedicating some portions of his book on his alleged involvement in drug pushing and an allegation that he is a wanted fugitive in America, a subject matter he said had already been surrendered to a competent court of jurisdiction.

In a letter titled “Prince Buruji Kashamu: Abduction Plans By United States of America Agents in Collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria.”  sent to the National Human Rights Commission NHRC signed by his lawyer, Mr Ajibola Oluyede dated April 15th, Prince Kashamu

said the former President’s plans to extradite him to the US is a form of revenge against him for the comprehensive political defeat he (Obasanjo) suffered because of Kashamu in the PDP.

“Kashamu has instructed that we bring certain important facts and records to your attention with regard to the illegality of this plan and the malicious and unpatriotic motives of those behind it and seek your urgent intervention in accordance with the jurisdiction expressly given to your commission by the National Human Rights Act 1995 as amended to carry out and inquiry into the matter in order to establish the culpability and compromise of certain institution in this despicable plan and to protect our client’s fundamental human right to liberty, life and dignity of the person. Kashamu’s enquiry revealed that indeed there had been moves by US officials within the region to secure the assistance of the head of the INTERPOL division in Nigeria, Mr Solomon Arase, a Deputy Inspector General, for the arrest and delivery to the US officials of Kashamu for transportation to the US without following the due process required by the Nigeria Extradition Act. Mr. Kashamu’s informant revealed that Arase has confirmed that one Donna Chabot approached him in January 2015. The said Ms Chabot is an attache with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the American Embassy route Des Almedies BP 49 Dakar Senegal and requested that INTERPOL Nigeria assist in the abduction of Kashamu for the purpose of his forcible transportation to the US to face trial before Judge Norgel” the statement in part reads

Ijaw group asks President GEJ to grant Presidential pardon to James Ibori before he leaves Aso Rock

An Ijaw group called the Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI, in Delta State, over the weekend asked President Jonathan to grant presidential pardon to former governor of Delta state, James Ibori, before he leaves as president of Nigeria on May 29th.

“Ibori should be freed. Hundreds of persons, who looted heavily from government coffers are walking freely in the streets. The continuous incarceration of one corrupt man among a million other corrupt citizens cannot change the menace of high level corruption in the country. Ibori’s imprisonment could be seen as a witch-hunt and such is highly barbaric and provocative and the Nigerian government must quickly do something about his matter. Despite the ordeals Ibori is passing through, Deltans hold him in high esteem and his great achievements while in office cannot be discountenanced.

There should be no sacred cow among political office holders. Ibori’s case is not different, he is a victim of circumstances. Release him and let him breathe fresh air and let other corrupt public office holders be tried as well.” National President the group, Mr. Austin Ozobo, in interactive with newsmen, said (Vanguard)

Photos: Toke Makinwa looking sweet in lace top & short skirt

She shared the photos on instagram.

Photos: Babangid's son releases cute family photo

Mohammed Babangida, son of former Military leader, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, pictured with his wife Rahama and their four children. Beautiful family!

See Another photo bellow.

Baltimore Man passes on From Broken Back Incurred During Arrest (Video)

Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who was severely injured while being arrested last week, died today in what many are calling yet another example of police brutality.


Freddie Gray was stopped by Baltimore officers the morning of April 12 but tried to run. He was caught and placed in the prisoner wagon shortly later and transported to the Western District police station. More than an hour later, an ambulance was called to the station to treat him.

Cell phone video of the arrest shows an incapacitated Gray being dragged away by police officers while handcuffed. A voice can be heard warning the officers that he appears critically injured.

Gray was found to have suffered broken vertebra for which he underwent surgery. He fell into a coma afterward and never recovered. He was also found to have an injured voice box.

Gray’s death came just a few hours after hundreds of Baltimore residents protested his beating at the hands of police. Barricades surrounded the Baltimore police headquarters where they reallied. “No justice, no peace, we don’t need you on our streets,” protesters chanted at the police.

“What happened to Freddie was unnecessary and uncalled for,” Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant of the Empowerment Temple shouted to protesters. “All of those police officers involved need to be held accountable and answer for what they did, and need to be terminated from their positions.” Baltimore police are conducting a criminal investigation, they said.

Deputy commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said at a news conference on Sunday that a criminal investigation was under way.

“It’s a two-part investigation,” Deputy commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said at a news conference. “One is a criminal case, for Mr Gray and also the officers. We always have that component in there to determine whether there is criminal culpability.”

The mayor also vowed to ensure the city held “the right people accountable.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said her office would be asking “How was Mr Gray injured? Were the proper protocols and procedures actually followed? What are the next steps to take from here?”

Bukola Saraki receives Certificate of Return as Senator (Photos)

Bukola Saraki got his Certificate of Return as Senator Representing Kwara Center Senatorial District today, April 20th at INEC Office in Kwara State.

See more photographs bellow.

Al Jazeera columnist reacts to Ali Baba's (Chibok) tweets, see the comedian's reply

Al Jazeera columnist, Femi Oke took to twitter to react to Ali Baba’s tweets concerning the likelihood of discovering Chibok young ladies in one place, portraying it as brutal parody. Ali Baba reacted to her and clarified his position. See that bellow.