Wednesday, February 4, 2015

04.02.2015 Ukrainian Civil War news: War in Ukraine, Donbass, DPR, Russia, USA, Europe


Latest news of Ukraine, DPR,LPR: 04.02.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

Ayo: Can someone explain the importance of teaching our children how to play?


What is the IFA verse that mentions this game. How are ancestors appeased with Ayo? Does Ayo help with learning IFA verses? Please help me to understand this game. My daughter beats me every time we play!

Pics: Patience Jonathan & Pres. GEJ at the Oba of Benin palace.

1st Lady, Patience Jonathan presented in photo at the Oba of Benin royal residence amid President Jonathan’s visit to the Oba of Benin before his rally in the state today.

See more photos bellow.

Grammar Commander of the Federal Republic Launches ballistic missile again !


Honestly, I don’t like joining those that says she’s blowing grammar. I think if the queen of England can not speak any Ijaw Language or dialect, there is no point criticizing anyone that blows grammar like Madam. I think we need to re-visit our official language and change it to regional official Language. This will go a long way uniting one another.

What do you think ?

This is a train in the African nation of Tunisia!

Although Tunisia has one of the highest standards of living in Africa, the Tunisians carried out a revolution in 2011 chasing out their longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, although Tunisians were far better than many Africans, they still felt they did not have the best, just imagine if this was the kind of train they gave us in Nigeria, some Nigerians will be praising the government as if it is a big deal.

But the fact is that even in the world of railways, this is still not good enough. Come to Tokyo or Paris and you will know whatsup. Just few weeks ago, the people of Tunisia elected an 88-year-old man to become their president, the old man defeated the incumbent who jejely handed over. When sensible people know what they want, they go for it, no stories.

See A train in South Africa & no one is dancing on the streets praising President Zuma.

 In fact, if you see the way Zuma is being blasted by South Africans ehn, you will know we are very kind with Oga Ade. Oh, by the way, that’s the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link station.


Linking the Oliver R Tambo International Airport with Johannesburg and Pretoria is 80-kilometre (50 mi) mass rapid transit railway Gautrain system. The Gautrain is located above the Central Terminal Building at the airport.

Pics: Terrible Accident along Benin-Ore express way this afternoon

This mishap happened this evening along the Benin Ore freeway including a business transport and a trailer

The business transport driver was attempting to overwhelm a trailer however wasn’t quick enough and wound up colliding with the rare end of another trailer. Observers said the trailer driver didn’t even stop to see what had happened, he dashed off.

All travelers were rushed to the clinic, yet the driver of the transport passed on quickly as he was stuck in the driver side. Pitiful.

See another pic bellow.

Civil War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR: 03.02.2015 Military Report of Novorossia.

TransAsia Airplane conveying 53 travelers crashes in Taiwan river- 15 killed, 30 missing (Video)

A Transasia aviation routes plane conveying 53 travelers & five crew collided with a shallow stream today February fourth in Taiwan, killing no less than 12 individuals. 16 persons have been saved alive and around 30 are absent.

The plane crash was caught on the dashcam of an auto driving through the lady. It demonstrates the plane cutting an extension not long after take-off at the beginning of today from Taipei’s Sungshan Airport and colliding with the Keelung stream.

The plane’s wings additionally hit a taxi on the expressway, genuinely harming the driver. Emergency workers are at present at the scene and have possessed the capacity to pull individuals out alive from the wreckage. Yet they accept the vast majority of the individuals before the plane are most likely to have lost their lives as they proceed with rescue endeavors. See the emotional photographs and video of the plane vrash bellow.

The Taiwanese Central Disaster Response Center issued the announcement bellow about the accident

03.02.2015 Ukrainian Civil war news: Latest news of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA


Pls help, My sweetheart threatens to abort our baby unless I come and marry her

I have a sweetheart I have been dating for a year now. She said she cherish me and she want to stay with me.

We’ve had a few issues in the past yet we are still attached. The issue now is that she is carrying my infant. I need the child. Be that as it may I am not prepared for marriage now. I advised her I will deal with her and my kid on the grounds that I don’t need a fetus removal. I cherish her and I need to wed her. Anyway not yet prepared now. Furthermore she is currently debilitating me to prematurely kill the child unless I come wed her now. What would it be a good idea for me to do?

Nuhu Ribadu backs Okonjo-Iweala, says ₦30trn can't go missing under her

Previous EFCC Chairman and PDP Governorship canddiate in Adamawa state, Nuhu Ribadu says the affirmation by previous CBN Governor Charles Soludo that N30trn had turned up lost under the watch of the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala wasn’t valid


In a meeting with NAN, Nuhu Ribadu said it was unrealistic to have such a colossal measure of cash turn up gone in an office she accepted around three to four years back…