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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Man tested positive to HIV advises all his exes to go for test, shares results on IG

The gentleman who goes by the name @I'malwaysup on Instagram said he was feeling wiped out so chose to go do a test and was told he was HIV positive.

 He took to instagram to apologize to individuals he's laid down with without insurance and requesting that they go test themselves.. I think it's time to start this HIV stamp on everyone that has it(May be near their spare part or somewhere the victim will see it sha cos some love to off light during the episode), well, ladies if the person looks recognizable to you, you think perhaps you got down with him at some point in your past, go and test yaself!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet the Man Who Makes Millions by Shining Shoes (PHOTO)

Suede slip-ons, elegant high-heels or lace-up brogues — whatever shoes you wear in an important business meeting you want to look your shiny best. Some people apply polish with a brush and others choose a cloth, while those coming from afar often leave the task to the capable hands of craftsmen who can make travel-worn footwear look like brand new.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My man wants me to invite another woman into our bed. Please help !

I've been married for just two years with a 17 months old baby. My husband has been pressuring me to invite another woman into our bedroom for a threesome to spice up our sex life. Unfortunately we have two married friends who do this and he now wants us to include that element in our marriage.

I am curious about it after hearing of it from our friends who indulge in it but I'm not comfortable with going along with it.When I asked one of the women why she agreed to it, she said she would rather have her man cheat in front of her than behind her back like most husbands do. I don't want him to cheat on me at all but he keeps insisting on this and I don't know how to talk him out of it. Should I agree? I don't want him cheating on me. Please help!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Man with 2 pregnant women clears the air, cusses people out

 Yesterday, a picture was shared (What is wrong with this photo)  showing a person with two pregnant women. He captioned the pic in ways that made people think both women were expecting his baby...but he's cleared the air. One is his God son, one other his son.