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Yoruba tonal marking..


Without them, writing in Yoruba makes no sense.

Here, use them:



~Moyo Okediji

Ase!!!!! This is what I am talking about. This made my day!!


Official trailer: Wole Soyinka's world famous childhood memoir AKE

Official trailer of the film adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s world famous childhood memoir AKE and historical chronicle of Nigeria’s colonial era is finally released.The film itself is completed, due for early release in 2015.

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The Bitter Truth Bitters!!

do you agree

Olowo ti Ilu Owo


Olowo ti Ilu Owo

Igogo Festival 

The Rivers state Police Command has said it won’t yield in its push to put the security circumstance in the state under check in the before, amid, and after the elections.

The Command gave the consolation while parading scores of suspects who was captured for cultism, hijacking and equipped theft unlawful acts in diverse parts of the state.

Public relation Officer of the Command, Ahmad Mohammad at a media briefing said a percentage of the suspects were captured while carrying out the wrongdoing, while others were captured after a tip-off.

What Is Wrong With This Photo? (Pupils Going down low version)

School children going “down low. ” An era remaining on shaky grounds has risen.

It knows no right-no off-base. All that is, is what is, because  it thinks that is the thing that it is (or ought to be). Fixed in the vacuum of freedom, flexibility and rights, it wobbles with the certainty and astuteness of the asinine. The imbroglio has been extended by the absence of-or-inability to look for direction. For the individuals who should exhort them, have no consultants and the individuals who should be prompted, look for no guidance…

These are the pioneers of tomorrow!

Muslim Prostitute Marries Customer Before Sx & Divorces Them After To Avoid Sin

A Muslim woman known as Fairuza is said to offer sex services to men but strictly keeps the Shia Islamic principles.

The 25-yr-old escort reportedly performs the quickie service by reading a religious text in Arabic and takes the money as a "dowry".

And once the deed is done, she divorced the two of them from their temporary marriage – “nikah mut’ah” – arrangement.

According to The Sun, belly dancer Fairuza told an undercover reporter that once the marriage is up the client must wait three months to request the service again.

Woman kisses the dust After A Botched Cosmetic Surgery In Dallas, USA

A 34 year old lady known as Wykesha Reid didn’t have any know with her demise was close when she visited the Deep Ellum salon in Dallas, Texas for backside  shots.

Ms. Reid was said to have grumbled severally in regards to the measure of her behind & she needed a greater bum. Then again She was accounted for to have passed on after her fourth visit to the bootleg market bum infusion shop. The police in the end discovered her body at the salon which had been cleaned out and her wallet had been taken.

The Dallas News reports that salon holders Denise Ross, 43, and Jimmy Clarke, 31 – who is otherwise called Alicia – are being chased by police, however not due to Ms Reid’s demise. Police say they are needed on charges of honing drug without a permit in connection to a different case in which a lady who got the surgery endured ‘agony, soreness and mental issues’.

The pair could in any case be accused of Ms Reid’s demise, be that as it may, contingent upon the toxicology results,

See Wizkid's new diamond Rolex watch...

Wizkid shared the expensive watch on his IG.

Photo: Rapper M.I acquires G-Wagon

The rapper uploaded the photo of his new SUV on instagram.

Congrats to him…

Nollywood Icon, Genevieve Nnaji is Pregnant For D'banj ?

This is the spread of news of the people’s magazine distributed in Lagos Nigeria not long from now. One of the real stories discussed the narrative of pregnancy talk trailing star performing artist, Genevieve Nnaji.

2.Genevieve Nnaji – ₦64 Million

Lately, there have been theories that she was dating D’banj. Actually, i have heard this pregnancy tail around two months back from a close source in the Mohits camp, however did not give  it much thought, yet for it to surface once more, and this time on tabloids, hmnnn, just time will tell, after 9months sha!

I'm a daughter of Maryam Babangida, I am her fan - Mama peace

1st lady , Patience Jonathan says she is a daughter and an aficionado of previous 1st lady , late Maryam Babangida. Mrs Jonathan said this while tending to Ondo ladies at the PDP ladies rally in Akure, Ondo state today March 24th. Mrs Jonathan additionally instructed the adolescents in  Ondo to pursue  their education, focusing on that in the event that she wasn’t educated, she wouldn’t be a 1st lady;

Unknown Gunmen kill Commissioner’s brother in Rivers State

Shooters wearing military uniform killed a relative of the Rivers state Commissioner for Power, Mr Austin Wokocha at the magistrate’s home in Okposi Onelga group in Rivers state yesterday Monday March 23rd.


As indicated by Channels TV, the shooters assaulted the homes of the Commissioner and that of an APC Chieftain in the group on Monday night. A battle which kept going into the early hours of Tuesday morning broke out between the shooters and some APC supporters in the party chieftains house, prompting the demise of the young man, Samson Orike. The Rivers State Police said the crisis was between two political parties.

Mother pole dancing with her baby strapped to her back sparks online roar!

Mother of a more youthful baby girl, Ashley Wright, experienced harsh criticism from individuals on social media  after she posted a video  of herself post hitting the dancefloor with her infant strapped to her back.

In the Youtube video, Ashley performed a progression of moves to The Circle of Life, a mainstream Disney tune from the Lion King film, with her infant secured to her back in a material sling. Ashley composed along side her video: “Decided we should do a routine together… And so thankful other could help assist me in capturing and choreographing this moment/experience.”

Loads of  commentators hammered her, saying her routine was as well “unsafe” for the youngster, that she could slip and fall on the tyke. Many even asked child protective administrations to be called. Ashley said she couldn’t be annoyed in regards to other individuals’ conclusion and declined to bring down the video.

Nigeria Police Force issues order on restriction of movement

Read the press statement from the Nigeria Police Force below...
As part of efforts to ensure adequate security in the forthcoming general elections across all the Federation on Saturday 28th March, 2015 and 11th April, 2015, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Suleiman Abba, CFR, NPM, NPOM, mni has ordered the restriction on vehicular movements as follows:
(i) Saturday 28th March, 2015, 8.00am – 5.00pm only.
 (ii) Saturday 11th April, 2015 8.00am – 5.00pm only

This total restriction of movements order applies to all, except for Ambulances, Fire service trucks and others on essential duties. Consequently, travellers and citizens who intend to use roads on these days and hours are advised to plan alternative times for their travelling.

Comment of the Day - By Ovie

I just read this comment by ovie ovie on a post and i had to copy and paste…”he that has ears let him hear”…pls vote not fight

When the deadliest civil WAR breaks out all of us ranting here APC and PDP note that the elites you are fighting for on social media will survive with their families but you and i will be refugees in Benin Republic and other countries if we survive it,and they will still sit at a peace accord meeting somewhere in Ghana ,South Africa or the U.N to still decide your fate and fly back their families with their private jets to continue using those who survived,if i may ask where are their children? they are all abroad in safe keeping, Nigerian youths listen and listen good,we have only one Nigeria,what the RADIO did to Rwanda is what SOCIAL MEDIA IS DOING TO NIGERIA NOW,the worst CIVIL WAR IN THE HISTORY OF AFRICA AND MANKIND IS IMMINENT,we are all pushing NIGERIA TO WAR,there will be no winners or losers,Nigeria ,you and i will lose atlast,the U.S/ the West promised SYRIA and LIBYA better life where they would be free from dictators and corrupt leadership, today you can see how free these countries are,Iraq inclusive after Sadam, Americans are safe in their country happy and laughing over the suffering they have caused using divisive propaganda to destroy them,Nigerians be warned a great WAR is at hand all of us here might not be alive to tell the story but i bet you ,all the elites and their children will be alive to tell the story.

You and i don’t own oil wells and private jets,then what are we fighting for.They want you to be counted as casualties so there would be a case .Please say no to violence if GEJ wins he wont feed his village if Buhari wins he wont feed his village,and nothing will change ,there is no time a govt will solve all your problems.There are more beggars and homeless people in the U.S than Nigeria even in Obamas backyard in Chicago homeless people queue up for food hand outs daily.STOP PUSHING NIGERIA TO WAR WITH SO MUCH HATE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BE WARNED OF WHAT THE RADIO DID TO RWANDA. We might not live to tell the STORY.Lets preach LOVE and KINDNESS.

I like the part he said “there are more beggars and homeless people in the US than Nigeria..even in obama’s backyard in chicago homeless people queue up for food handouts daily” …..Nigerians want jonathan the magician to perform signs and wonders!

Ladies, Check out Davido's hot bodyguard, Tijani

This is Tijani, Davido’s hot bodyguard whom he introduced  while wishing him a happy  birthday today.

See more pics bellow.

Gen. Buhari was having sex with Aisha Buhari at the tender age of 9 - Uche Jumbo's theory

Our Naija theorists sha, was she there when they were doing it at the age of 9? Haba! She probably forgot the history of Gen.Buhari!

Performer Uche Jombo says she couldn’t care less in regards to any political party and has never gathered cash from them so she doesn’t lose her entitlement to question them at whatever point she needs to. Uche posted the post above after she was assaulted for re-posting an article reprimanding Aisha Buhari for saying there’s a high rate of prostitution in Edo state and her husband would eradicate that on the off chance that he gets to be president. She said this while campaigning for her spouse in Benin city a week ago.

See her post bellow.

APC warns PDP against any orchestrated, last-minute disqualification of its presidential candidate, Gen. Buhari


"I'm a Kidney Donor"- Desmond Elliot, Monalisa Chinda, AY, others walk against kidney infection!

Emmanuel Ugolee as a team with the Juliet Ibrahim establishment held an extremely effective walk  against kidney infection on Saturday, 21st March.

Nigerian showbiz identities including Desmond Elliot, Monalisa Chinda, Audu Maikori, Modenine, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Sound Sultan, Yaw, Praiz, Senator, Manny, Bobby Michaels, AY, Julius Agwu, Bovi and more were part of the 2 hour event which began at 8a.m. See more photographs bellow.

Pics: Male terrorist disguised as a lady nabbed Borno state

The Defense Headquarters simply released these photographs of a suspected male terrorist who camouflaged as lady in Hijab.

He was captured by troops on some way or another to a business sector in KwayaKusar in Borno state today March 24th. More pics bellow.