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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

UNN Students' Protest Turns Tragic As Car Knocks Down 5 Protesters (Pics)

A protest went forward in the UNEC branch of University of Nigeria on 31 st May, 2015 against the power failure that had grabbed hold of the institution for quite a while now.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!

 When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why there are no historical buildings or monuments?”

The reason is simple. Europeans have destroyed most of them. We have only left drawings and descriptions by travelers who have visited the places before the destructions. In some places, ruins are still visible. Many cities have been abandoned into ruin when Europeans brought exotic diseases (smallpox and influenza) which started spreading and killing people. The ruins of those cities are still hidden. In fact the biggest part of Africa history is still under the ground.
In this post, I’ll share pieces of informations about Africa before the arrival of Europeans, the destroyed cities and lessons we could learn as africans for the future.