Sunday, March 22, 2015

Video: President GEJ & Other Presidential Candates Except Buhari In Debate

Earlier today, President Goodluck Jonathan took an interest in the presidential civil argument sorted out by the Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG).

The two most popular presidential competitors in the imminent decisions (Gen. Buhari and President Jonathan ) neglected to have a go head to head at the level headed debate for the second time consecutively. In any case, President Jonathan, who was clearly pleased with himself at the NEDG dabte, took to his Facebook page to say:
“I am convinced that any one who desires to lead Nigerians must first be prepared to address issues raised by Nigerians. I also believe we must encourage a culture of debate and conversation to grow our democracy. GEJ.”

Watch it underneath in the event that you missed it


Ejowo eba mi wa Oruko kan fun omode yii .

Omo Yooba toba dibo fun Jonata omo ale ni -Sen. Anthony


Pres. Jonathan Begged Me To Return To PDP 2 Times - Atiku


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has revealed how President Goodluck Jonathan repeatedly appealed to him to dump the All Progressives Congress, APC, and return to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

The former vice president disclosed that President Jonathan pleaded with him thrice – once during a surprise midnight visit to his house – to return to the PDP.

Mr. Abubakar made the revelation in an interview with the Hausa service of the BBC, during which he also explained why he has been visibly absent at the campaign rallies of his party’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Nabbed: Human Traffickers Caught Smuggling Nursing Mothers, Children To Nigeria

Four notorious suspected human traffickers have been caught by the Immigrations Service, Oyo State Command, while allegedly attempting to smuggle a nursing mother along with her two-year-old son, nine girls, and a boy.

The suspects and their victims were apprehended at the Saki border, in Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State. The four men were accused of involvement in a trafficking ring which was responsible for bringing in several foreigners, notably Beninois and Togolese, into the country without travelling documents.

Comptroller of Immigration, Oyo State Command, Innocent Akatu, said the victims were usually sold into slavery where they would work on large farmlands and local markets in the area. He also said that some would be used as housemaids, not ruling out the possibility of involving the illegal aliens in prostitution rings by their traffickers.

NOISE Pollution in Lagos (Video)

The Christians are as guilty as their Muslim counterparts.

They make so much noise, block our roads during Sunday services (just like the Muslims do during Jumaat), and litter the streets with all manner of wastes. Is this what the Holy Bible teaches them? They are on their own. This country will be great one day, and offenders will be held accountable for breaking the law.


Most of their Pastors visit other countries to minister in different Churches (some of them have visited all the continents in this world) yet they fail to practice what they see out there when they return to their country. I have not seen any country where noise pollution is seen as service to God.

This video shows a typical Sunday Service in Nigeria – with loud broadcast via loudspeakers in Lagos residential area Ayobo-Ipaje Alimosho Lagos-Nigeria. Several complaints to the Lagos State Government and Local Development Area still unattended to according to Kayode Ogundamisi who uploaded it three years ago.

I have fresh videos of churches I will upload later.


Mentally disturbed Woman Gives Birth To A Normal & Bouncing Baby Girl In Agbara, Ogun State [Photos] (

Occupants of Shodipo Estate, Agbara, Ogun state had their eyes on stalks Friday morning as they trooped to watch a sound and delightful infant young lady brought to life by a mentally disturbed Woman.

The rate appeared to be peculiar to some who were astounded that a wonderful sound infant was conceived by a mad person while others trusted it was just a wonder from God.

It was assembled from observers that she had professedly fled to Shodipo for asylum in the wake of having four of her children snatched by unidentified individuals.

Despite the fact that it is not known when or where she put to bed, a few inhabitants estimated that it must have been at midnight or early hours of Friday because of the condition of the lady and child.

In his record, Comrade Femi Okeowo, an occupant who saved the child from her mother said:

“I was on my way to school when I saw the mad woman with the baby. Some residents were scared of taking the baby from the mother but thank God for some men in the vicinity who intervened that the child be taken from her for the fear of being kidnapped.

“I asked her to hand over the baby to me that I wasn’t going to kidnap her and she did without hesitating. I collected the child and a female resident tidied her up,” he stated.

He however discarded  the perspectives of onlookers that she could be pretending craziness. “Though she speaks coherently at times but merely observing her appearance, it is so glaring that she is insane. From my own point of view, she is abnormal because her hair is very unkept. It is the work of God and it is mysterious as well for a mad woman to trek all the way from Lome and give birth in Agbara in Ogun state”, he said.

Another inhabitant, Mrs Achibong portrayed the go about as ‘brilliant’. “It is just God that can do this, that is the reason I call her “Endowment of God”. The mother said it is just me that can give her a name, so i gave her the name: Gift of God,” she said.

“We dont really know where she put to bed yet she said she cut the placenta on some way or another down and discarded it.”

Then again, a few observers accept that the vicinity of the frantic lady in the area will convey good fortunes to traders.

As at press time, the lady and her child were taken away by a Rescue Operation group from Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos state.

My Football Career Was Cut Short When I Didn’t make The Super Falcons List- Halima

Halima Abubakar has said if not that she was not picked to join the Super Falcons from the club she played with then, Jegede Babes, she would have turned into a footballer today.


The performer said she laments not pushing her career in football forward then, in light of the fact that she now sees the cash footballers make and now feels terrible about it.

She additionally said she began colour-blocking in Nigeria, before Nigerian women assumed control over the pattern. She said at first people offended her, and when she didn’t stop, they began copying her and that was the way shading blocking began. She is content she is a trendsetter, she said. See the meeting interview by Ademola Olonilua of Punch bellow.

Héèpà! Where is this orisha devotion taking place?


our final answer ?

Watch Sagamu Day !

This is Sagamu, a bustling, historical city where Isese appears to be alive and well….Take note of the pyramid shaped structure in the grove. Who can inform us of its significance?

what is IFA????

1) (IFA) is the word of Olodunmare send to living and non-living things

2) Ifa is the sacred message of Olodumare to human being and it was reveal through Orunmila (B.A)

3) Ifa is also a way for every creation

What is your definition of IFA?


Do you agree ? Any African Man/Woman who accepts foreign religion either Christianity or Islam is a traitor to his/her motherland!

Any African man/woman who accepts foreign religion either Christianity or Islam is a traitor to his or her motherland. That kind of person has already betrayed his or her people.

Religion is a tool used to controlling the masses and being imposed by this foreign imperialists so as to create more zombies and in the future take ( or used as Pretext to taking) over full control of any enclave that already accepted their religion.

You are better off promoting your motherland religion no matter how much this foreign imperialist condemn or try to subjugate your mother land religion or culture so as to sell theirs to you.

This is the real freedom from mental slavery. For example, even though I understand religion as a tool! I will always promote IFA no matter what.

~Balogun Adesina

How many of you agree with the above statement ?

Yoruba !! My destination, to the house of love (Ile ife).

Thinking out loud. Hopefully, I am not too loud. Starring at the cloud above me. Smooth as hell like my breath. Tied to my waist, my beltway, my rout through the traffic of life.  Where Oduduwa reside in spirit, flesh and blood.


Odua Balogun Kakanfo

US Bid to Isolate Russia & Latin America Speeds Creation of New Alliances

Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, economist and editorialist for Contralinea Magazine, takes note of that US endeavors to contain developing economies including Russia and the nations of Latin America work just to hurry these countries’ endeavors to make another, genuinely multipolar world request autonomous of Washington’s impact.

The economist contends that the Eurasian Union task and Latin America’s Common Market of the South (Mercosur) supplement one another in a crucial manner, serving as “a vital component in the barrier of power and the advancement of a multipolar world request.”

Rodriguez clarifies that more than 50 percent of Russian exports to Latin America comprise of manures, minerals, and fuel. Consequently, Latin American nations furnish Russia with agrarian items, meat and electronic parts. Rodriguez takes note of that “as per the undertakings expounded by the Institute of Latin America, some piece of the Russian Academy of Sciences, respective exchange will see 100 billion dollars by 2030, a 500% expansion.”