Sunday, February 14, 2016

War of Words: US Wages Information Campaign Against Russia

The success of the ongoing Russian airborne campaign in Syria has prompted Washington to launch an information war against Moscow.

While Moscow proposed that all warring sides in Syria declare a ceasefire starting on March 1, the US continues to insist on an immediate cessation of hostilities, claiming that Moscow is stalling in order to allow the Syrian army to complete its ongoing offensive.
Also, on February 10 US warplanes carried out an airstrike against the Syrian city of Aleppo, with Washington immediately blaming Russia for the deed.

Endgame: Russia Hits More Than 1,800 Targets in Syria in 7 Days

Russia steps up airstrikes as US proxies pledge to take down Assad

Russia is the uncontested master of Syria's airspace. In a report posted this week on its website, Russia's Defense Ministry announced that over the last seven days, Russian jets flew 510 combat sorties and hit 1,888 targets in Syria. The previous week’s report claimed 464 sorties that hit a total of 1,354 targets.

As McClatchy notes, "Daily reports from the U.S. military for the same period indicate a much lower level of activity: 16 targets struck in Syria. The reports also said those forces hit 91 targets in Iraq."

Assad Explains Why He is Not Ruling Out Turkish, Saudi Invasion of Syria

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad spoke to AFP news agency in an exclusive interview on the developments in Syria and the region.

Talking about a possible foreign ground invasion in Syria, Assad did not rule out the possibility of a Saudi, Turkish intervention saying, "Logically, intervention is not possible, but sometimes reality is at odds with logic, particularly when there are irrational people leading a certain state. That’s why I don’t rule that out for a simple reason: Erdogan is a fanatical person with Muslim Brotherhood inclinations. He is living the Ottoman dream. For him, the collapse which took place in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria is something personal."

Syrian Army Gains Control Over Strategic Heights in Raqqa Province

The Syrian government forces have established control of strategic heights in the Raqqa province, a stronghold of Daesh terrorist group, a military source told Sputik on Sunday.

"The Syrian army is advancing from the west of the Raqqa province. After heavy fighting against Daesh terrorists, strategic heights have been taken under control," the source told Sputnik.

Two Ebonyi State University Undergraduates Kill US Returnee Email FB share Tweet

Two undergraduates of the Ebo­nyi State University, James Okoh and Victor Uchenna Okefie, have been accused of killing a US based lady, Mrs. Stella Uhuo.

The late Mrs. Uhuo, who is said to have been a benefactor to one of the alleged killers, James Okoh, informed him of her visit to Nigeria and asked him to come pick her from the airport. He is said to have turned up with a friend. Her family members are also said to have turned up, but she opted to go with Okoh and his friend so she would deliver some things.

Is Boko Haram a CIA Covert Op to Divide and Conquer Africa?

The objectives of the US military presence in Africa are well documented: counter Chinese influence and control strategic locations and natural resources including oil reserves. This was confirmed more than 8 years ago by the US State Department:
In 2007, US State Department advisor Dr. J. Peter Pham commented on AFRICOM’s strategic objectives of “protecting access to hydrocarbons and other strategic resources which Africa has in abundance, a task which includes ensuring against the vulnerability of those natural riches and ensuring that no other interested third parties, such as China, India, Japan, or Russia, obtain monopolies or preferential treatment.” (Nile Bowie, CIA Covert Ops in Nigeria: Fertile Ground for US Sponsored Balkanization Global Research, 11 April 2012)
At the beginning of February,  AFRICOM’s “head General David Rodriguez called for a large-scale US-led ‘counterinsurgency’ campaign against groups in West Africa during remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC:

Photos: Seriake Dickson inaugurated for 2nd term as Bayelsa state governor

Bayelsa state governor, Seriake Dickson, has been sworn in for a second term as Governor of the state. The ceremony which is currently holding at the Samson Siasia Sports Complex, has many PDP chieftains in attendance. See more photos after the jump..

Russia Accuses Bill Gates Of Engineering The Zika Virus As A ‘Bioweapon’

The Zika virus is a bioweapon that is using GMO (genetically modified) mosquitoes to spread ‘future diseases’ according to a Kremlin report. And the finger of blame is being pointed squarely at Bill Gates accordiing to It is understood the bioweapon was developed by Bill Gates to achieve his self-confessed Illuminati goal of depopulating the world. According to a leaked highly confidential Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report that has been read by sources in the Kremlin, it has been revealed that the Zika virus was ‘cooked up as a bioweapon’ by ‘world governments and non-government organizations.’ It is understood the chief non-government organization behind the Zika virus is Bill Gates’ own Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia: to fight or to flight?

by Ghassan Kadi
No one knows how the “War On Syria” is going to end, let alone what turns it will take in a year from now, a month, and even a week. There are many variables, new developments, twists and turns, and they happen quickly, and sometimes unexpectedly. And because we do not really what is going on behind the scenes in the corridors of Washington, Ankara and Riyadh, we cannot say from a position of knowledge that the trio are indeed conjuring for a land invasion of Syria. To make any plausible interpretations and predictions therefore, we can only base them on the revealed information, albeit it is perhaps mainly designed to feed the news-hungry media and their news-thirsty consumers. The analyses that we can produce cannot be based on more than this information.

Syrian Militants Receive New Missiles From 'Assad’s Foreign Enemies'

Enemies of Syrian President Bashar Assad have said they received ground-to-ground missiles from their foreign backers. They plan to use the missiles to curb the government forces’ offensive on Aleppo.

After the Syrian Army cut off supplies line between Aleppo and the Turkish border, Syrian militants received new supplies of ground-to-ground missiles from "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's foreign enemies," two militant commanders told Reuters.
According to a source, the missiles have a range of 20 kilometers.