Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Syrian Ceasefire failed, what now?

By Aram Mirzaei

The “Ceasefire”

One week ago I and many other analysts predicted that the ceasefire agreement brokered by the US and Russia last week was doomed to fail. I said this because of the fact that there are no “moderate” rebels, and that any group trying to disassociate itself from Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Jabhat Al-Nusra) would commit both political and military suicide. Right from the first day of the implementation, Western backed Jihadists and their allies declared that they would not take part in the cessation of hostilities, which really rendered the whole agreement useless since it became clear that they would use this opportunity to regroup and rearm.

US coalition Predator drone spotted at time & place of Syria aid convoy attack – Russian military

The Russian Defense Ministry says that a US coalition drone was in the vicinity of a humanitarian convoy when it was attacked outside Aleppo. According to the Russian military, the unmanned aircraft was a Predator drone.

Leaked: Source Reveals Coordination between US, ISIS in Attacking Syrian Army

The ISIS launched attacks on the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor only 7 minutes after the US-led coalition's airstrikes on Saturday, a military source said, adding that the air and ground assault were highly coordinated, According to FNA report.

The source said after the coalition's pounding of the Syrian army near Deir Ezzor airbase, the ISIS could take full control of al-Tharda mountain and then Deir Ezzor military base, adding that the army and national defense forces deployed near the airbase immediately won it back from the terrorists by launching a counterattack.

Ivie Edobor: Zenith Bank Staff Fractures Ex-Wife's Leg (Photos)

This is the story of a Nigerian mother of three,Ivie Edobor who was brutally assaulted by her estranged husband, John Edobor, a Zenith Bank employee, who is still walking free while she has lost the use of her right leg.

This is a cry for justice from the very lips of the victim who has chosen to be called a survivor after surviving this gruesome attack from the hands of the very man she shares three lovely children with.

Ivie tells her story in a Facebook post below…

'Dear friend,

To shed more light on my ordeal, this is my story.
Two years ago my husband kick me out of his house along with my 3 daughters ages 9, 7 and 4. I was forced to move back to my father’s house and struggled to provide for my 3 children as he completely neglected them and even took them off his medical insurance provided by his office, Zenith Bank Plc.

After much struggle, I finally got back on my feet. Got a great job, enrolled my kids in a new school and rented an apartment for my 3 kids and I.

About Easter time this year he decided he wants to be part of my children’s life again. I allowed him access to the children as I felt we could be civil to each other for the sake of our children. At this time, I had started putting my documentation together for the divorce process. Early hours of June 19th, on my way back from a function, a friend had parked right in front of the gate of my apartment to press the bell for the gateman to open the gate and let me into the compound when suddenly he was rushed at and attacked by a man waving an object.

The first impression was that it was an armed robber trying to rob us. My friend, (a man) pushed him away but he came charging back. At this point, I looked out the opened door and realized it was John Edobor my enstrange husband. Before we could react a group of area boys showed up but rather than saving us from the assailant, they joined him. The proceeded to be my friend on the floor giving John the opportunity to focus his attack on me. He used a metal bar(wheel spanner/ metal rod) to try hitting me on the head through the opened drivers door but I shielded it. Not satisfied with that, he turned to the passengers door dragged out to the floor.

 I landed on the floor with my legs extended where he proceeded to hit me on the leg continuously with the metal. When he was satisfied he was about going back to join the area boys who had gathered my friend when my neighbour who had heard my screams for help and seen from his window a man striking someone on the floor thinking it was an armed robber, numbed down his balcony with a machete to save whoever was being attacked. On getting down he was faced with my enstrange husband whom he had prevented from entering my compound without my permission on 2 occasions so he recognised him. It was at that point he overpowered John.

The area boys recognised him as a member of the security team for the street and backed off my friend. By that time I couldn’t stand up and my leg was bleeding profusely. I was rushed to the hospital where my jeans was torn off my leg to see the nature of my injury. The injury was so severe that my broken bone torn through my skin puncturing an artery in the process. Almost 3months and 2 surgeries later, I have titanium plates and screws to keep my leg in place and I am unable to use my right leg. I still have my 3 children to care for and my life is at a stand still. The perpetuator was charged to court and released on bail 3 days later. Now he moves around freely carrying on with his life. Now is it wrong for me to cry for Justice'.

We call on the Justice Department, the first Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode and the Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to help the victim Ivie, get the justice she deserves.

The Usa Is The Main Sponsor Of International Terrorism?

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated (in abridged form) by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

After they “wrongly” hit the Syrian government army, which is fighting the Islamic state, the US is now trying to accuse Russia of violating the agreement and even tried to impart guilt to it for the bombing of a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent Societies. The arrogance of the United States again reached unprecedented heights. You can always “invent” an incident such as a “chemical attack by Assad” (which the Brits quickly proved that was not his, but remained silent).

Why APC Panel Nullified Akeredolu’s Victory In Ondo Governorship Primary

The primary appeal committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state has recommended the annulment of the exercise that produced Rotimi Akeredolu as the party’s candidate for the November 26 governorship election.

With a total of 699 votes, Mohammed Abubakar, Jigawa state governor and chairman of the APC election committee, declared Akeredolu winner of the primary, which held on September 3.

Nigerians Need Solutions Not The Cause Of Problems – saraki

THE Senate president, Bukola Saraki, has given the Federal Government guidelines to follow in putting an end to the current economic recession.

Mr. Saraki gave the guidelines in Abuja on Tuesday in his welcome to mark the resumption of the Senate from a seven week recess.