Thursday, July 14, 2016

Militants in Syria 'Hide Behind False Flags and US Strategy'

Washington is theoretically fighting terrorist groups in Syria, but in reality the US is interested in fomenting instability not only in Syria but throughout the Middle East, Syrian military strategist Hasan Hasan told RIA Novosti.

“All the talk that Daesh (IS/ISIL) has yielded its positions to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is nothing but a highly-advertised promotion,” Hasan Hasan told RIA Novosti.

Naira tumbles to 363 as dollar supply dries up

Nigeria's Naira fell to 363 against the United States dollar at the parallel market on Thursday as the supply of dollar waned at the foreign exchange market. 
The local currency had closed at N360 against the greenback on Wednesday, and 254 on Tuesday
Quotes:    * morning    **midday    ***evening 
     ngn NGN usd USD gbp GBP eur EUR
              BUY / SELL BUY / SELL BUY / SELL
14/07/16 -355/363** 458/465** 386/392**
14/07/16 352/357* 458/463* 380/385*

Era of free, easy money gone for good –Buhari .

The president said this during his working visit to Zamfara State. His words: “As the people of the state are aware the change agenda was central issue of our 2015 electioneering campaign.

Since this administration’s assumption of office in May 2015, the journey to fix the country and restore the hope of the common man in the Nigerian project has begun in earnest.