Sunday, April 24, 2016

Passenger Train Crushes Motorcyclist And Its Passenger To Death In Ilorin

A passenger train has collided with two persons in Ilorin leaving irreparable damage in its trail. The Kano to Lagos passenger train on Sunday, crushed a commercial motorcyclist and his passenger to death in llorin.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the tragedy occurred along Kangu-lle-Araromi road in the llorin West Local Government Area.

Think US-Saudi Relations are Bad Now? The 70s Almost Saw an Invasion

Much has been made of the recent chill in relations between the Washington and Riyadh, with the two sides at odds over everything from regional policy to oil prices, to threats by the Kingdom to pull out billions in assets over investigations into 9/11. But as bad as things are, they aren't as bad as the time in the 70s' when the US almost invaded.

Saraki Might Win CCT Case Against Him - Report

This is an independent report written by a Lagos lawyer. Read below...
At the ongoing cross-examination of the star witness in the trial of Senator Bukola Saraki, Mr. Michael Wetkas, an operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has admitted, based on questions from Saraki’s counsel, that the EFCC did not investigate the accuracy of some of the exhibits presented as proof in the trial of the Senate President.
Saraki’s defense team, led by a former Attorney-General of the Federal, Mr. Kanu Agabi, have poked several holes in the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) case against the Senate President in their thorough scrutiny of Mr. Wetkas’ testimony.

North Korea Sends 300 Multiple Rocket Launchers to Southern Border

South Korea’s military reported that North Korea has deployed some 300 multiple launch rocket systems along its southern border, putting Seoul within a striking distance.

stems along its southern border, putting Seoul within a striking distance, South Korea’s military told local media on Sunday.
North Korea has reportedly been stationing missile launchers along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a 2.5-mile-wide strip of land separating the two countries, since 2014.

Daesh Freeze 45 of Their Own To Death For Defection

The so-called Islamic State killed 45 of their own in a warning to potential defectors. In an attempt to make the executions even more horrifying as a deterrent, they locked their defectors in a freezer for a day.

According Iraqi media agency Al Sumaria News, the 45 defectors attempted to flee the battlefield during recent fights in Iraq. They accused deserters were executed by being locked in morgue freezers in Mosul for 24 hours, left for a slow, presumably agonizing death.  Their bodies were reportedly then stretched out along the sides of the road at city entrances to act as a warning to any other fighter who might have second thoughts.

Daesh Kills 250 Girls for Refusing to Be Sex Slaves - Report

Militants of the Islamic State have executed 250 girls in Iraq for refusing to become sex slaves. Some were killed alongside their families. The killings were the latest acts of brutality against women and young girls at the hands of the Muslim extremists.

In the Daesh — the so-called Islamic State or ISIS — stronghold of Mosul, 250 women paid the ultimate price for refusing to marry their captors and become sex slaves.

Syrian Government, Rebels Sign Truce in Quneitra Province

The Russian military said that a ceasefire has been agreed between the government and a militant group in Syria's western Quneitra province, which includes the Israel-occupied Golan Heights.

Kuwait to DNA Test Everyone, Including Tourists. No exceptions

According to Traveller 24, Kuwait is going to become the first nation in the world to conduct total mandatory DNA tagging, which applies both to their own population and tourists.

The legislation that will make DNA tagging mandatory will come in effect later this year. After that each and every person entering the country will undergo a mandatory DNA sampling. This will be done by taking samples of saliva or blood (by person's choice). Refusing to undergo such procedure will cause "consequences" that have yet to be  specified.

Russia’s Intervention in Syria Splits US Administration

As the Russia-backed Syrian government pushes on against Daesh forces in a joint effort with the so-called “moderate opposition”, the US administration is debating about Russia’s true intentions and how America should react.

Syrian Army Bags Key Homs Province Oilfields From Daesh Terrorists

The Syrian Army and the country's National Defense Forces launched fresh attacks against Daesh strongholds in the central province of Homs, forcing the terrorists to retreat from their positions.

Russian, Syrian Bombers Deliver Big Surprise to Daesh Supply Line, Combat Vehicles Near Raqqa
The Syrian Army and the country's National Defense Forces (NDF) in Homs province in central Syria, prompting jihadists to retreat, the Iranian news agency FARS reported.

VP Osinbajo says FG to begin payment of N5k to the poor once the budget is signed

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the Federal government will begin payment of the N5000 to the poor in Nigeria once the 2016 budget is signed by President Buhari. Osinbajo also disclosed that the government is also planning to train a minimum of 100, 000 young Nigerians in technology. Osinbajo disclosed this while speaking at the United Action for Change Town Hall Meeting at Ikeja Airport Hotel Lagos today April 23rd. What he said at the townhall meeting were tweeted by his Senior Special Assistant-Media&Publicity, Laolu Akande.

Presidency moves against emergency billionaires ..says holders of public office must account for their wealth

Serving and former public office holders will henceforth be made to account for their wealth, Vice President Yemi Osibajo (SAN), has said. He stated this at a town hall meeting convened by the United Action for Change, UAC in Lagos today Saturday April 23rd.

Osinbajo who fielded questions from various labour and professional organisations as well as individuals at the meeting held at the Ikeja Airport Hotel, said "the era of people becoming emergency billionaires is gone" and would no longer be tolerated by the Buhari-led administration.

Photo: Nigerian Army parades fake colonel

The Nigerian Army on Friday April 22nd paraded Prince Onyemauche pictured above, accused of impersonation as a Colonel in the Army.

According to Army spokesman Colonel Sani Usman who paraded Onyemauche before journalists at the army headquarters in Abuja, said he was arrested alongside one sergeant Jacob Phillip by troops of 176 Special Forces Gurads Battalion along Wazobia Motor Park, Gwagwalada Abuja on Feb 17th.