Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ogoni protest military invasion

Chukwudi Akasike, Port Harcourt

HUNDREDS of Ogoni people took to the streets on Saturday to protest against the invasion of Gokana and Khana Local Government Areas by the military.

The protesters, who carried white caskets, expressed their sadness over the invasion of Yeghe community in Gokana by soldiers, maintained that the action of the military was politically motivated.

They added that some indigenes of the area lost their lives during the raid that lasted for two days.

‘Many Muslim leaders unknowingly support terrorism’

Nasrul-lahi-l Fatih Society says the silence of many Islamic leaders on terrorist activities in some parts of the country is a way of supporting the perpetrators unintentionally.

The group noted that the failure of the leaders to openly condemn killings of innocent people by Boko Haram under the guise of propagating Islam, was responsible for the negative impression some people had of the religion.

The NASFAT President, Mr. Kamil Bolarinwa, who spoke in Lagos on Saturday during a world press conference to mark the association’s 21 years of existence, urged massive campaign against terrorism and public enlightenment on peace, love and unity.

Week twenty-one of the Russian military intervention in Syria: the calm before the storm?

The ceasefire in Syria (which is not really a ceasefire, but rather a “focusing of combat operations”) is holding surprisingly well. This is primarily due to the brilliant tactic of forcing each fighting group in Syria to define itself either as a “good moderate”, and be guaranteed safety, or as as en “evil terrorist” and become an indisputably legitimate target which anybody can engage. De jure, the only ones who can legally engage anybody in Syria are only the Russians and the Syrians, everybody else, including the US-led coalition, is present there in total illegality, but de facto the latest agreement also acknowledges the right of all parties to engage the “evil terrorists”. 

Iran Sentences Billionaire Tycoon to Death for Corruption

Babak Zanjani, one of the richest people in Iran, has been sentenced to death after a trial in which he was accused of fraudulently pocketing $2.8 billion.

 An Iranian court sentenced three people, including Babak Zanjani, one of the country's richest people, to death, on corruption charges, local media reported Sunday.
In December 2013, Zanjani was detained on a charge of corruption, as he withheld more than $2 billion, while assisting the sanctioned Iranian government to sell its oil despite the international restrictions.

Man sets himself on fire after fight with partner (photos)

In a video taken in Kentucky and uploaded to liveleak,  a man was seen in flames after he doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire following a domestic dispute. Lexington Fire fighter Major Joe Madden raced towards the man and helped pit out the flames, sustaining burn injuries in the process. See more photos after the cut...

Major Madden was off duty and was driving past the scene when he spotted the human fireball.
Lexington Police said the man, who has not been named, had just had a major fight with his significant other.The man was taken to hospital with 'life threatening injuries'. The mayor of Lexington tweeted to congratulate Madden on his bravery.

Lagos school girls kidnappers evade police, move girls to another location

About 15 gunmen, on Monday at 8pm, scaled the low fence of Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary School, Ikorodu, Lagos, stormed a classroom where some pupils were studying for examinations and abducted three of them.

Indications emerged on Saturday that the kidnappers of the three female pupils have relocated them.

SUNDAY PUNCH gathered from a reliable police source that activities of the kidnappers, which were hitherto felt around the creeks in Epe and Ikorodu areas of the state, had ceased, suggesting that
the bandits had relocated their captors to another location.