Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lagos’ rising cases of abandoned property and challenges before govt

Reports compiled by experts in the housing sector reveal that there are many abandoned properties in
Lagos State; a development experts have said is not healthy for the development of the economy of not only Lagos, but Nigeria as a whole.

A recent report has it that the value of some of the abandoned properties, especially those in Victoria Island, currently stands at above five billion naira, while private individuals, the Federal Government as well as various state governments have been found to be guilty of this development.

Is Nigerian fast food industry at its Tipping Point?

Until recently, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has long been ignored by the Western based brands, but now as growth opportunities in other emerging nations become saturated, SSA appears to be the ultimate destination. Particularly, the fast food businesses are gearing up for their next big move on the continent, but whether it will be easy for them, remains the question. SSA consists of 50 countries, in which Nigeria and South Africa are the major economies contributing tremendously toward the GDP of the continent; and the sooner the foreign brands harness the potential in these economies, the larger they can bite into the pie.

The Most Mysterious House U Have Ever Lived In Nigeria!

When I was younger, my mum used to move from one house to another, like almost every year

one time, we moved to some house near a big farm undecided

after some weeks, we realized our new house was built on top a grave yard shocked
towards the end of the street was also an O.O Obum church! shocked
and whenever there is an O.O Obum church, most of the pple living ard the area will be O.O Obum members