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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Linda Ikeji, Mukhtar Alexander Dan’iyan,Alias Aye Dee Lied, Google Has nothing to do with Site temporary Shutdown. Documents Tendered by Aye Dee were all forged.

(NigerianFM Saturday Out-front by Emman Agu)
Latest revelation by NigerianFm
 In igbo land, there was a story of a man who stood at the village square daily to raise alarm of being attacked by some forces. His kinsmen on each occasion all rushed out  to rescue him and saw nobody. The day he was killed, no one came to his rescue after he raised alarm. The villagers all looked at him as a false alarmist!
Nigerians who use the Internet, felt bad after reading that Linda Ikeji’s site was shut down by Google, the internet giant. It was widely reported that Google suspended her site for plagiarism, today, this writer can tell you such thing never happened.  Who then raised this false alarm?