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Hearless Maid Chop Off Baby's Arm For Crying too much - Graphic Pics

OMG! This is the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard in a long time! as indicated by a facebook user, this house keeper was frantic at the crying baby and chose to fling her, slashing off her hand in the process, Agbasi Uche Dorothy wrote on her facebook :

“We need to be careful with house

helps. This is what a house help did to an innocent child”. She didn’t give further details. Don’t know if this happened in Nigeria…the child also looks dead. Oh God! Why do you let evil people prevail?


Nigeria to sell, buy oil directly, cut out middlemen

 -- Nigeria will start selling and buying oil and gasoline directly to cut out middlemen and curb graft, the new managers of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. announced Tuesday night.

The major policy shift fits new President Muhammadu Buhari's plan to halt corruption endemic in the industry in Africa's biggest oil producer. The previous administration of President Goodluck Jonathan had ignored warnings from Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi that some $20 billion in oil sales over three years was missing from federal coffers, and instead fired Sanusi.

Nigerian Army Detains 4 Brothers Two Years Without Trial

SaharaReporters has just learned that officials of the Nigerian Army have illegally detained four brothers since 2013 at a detention center at Dodan Barracks in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The men, Haroon Abdullahi, 21 years old, Ahmed Abdullahi, 17, Mohammed Abdullahi, 14, and Yahaya Abdullahi, 9, have been in detention since March 2013.

“It’s a grave injustice that these four brothers, the youngest only nine years old, have been held by the Nigerian Army without trial for more than two years,” said a human rights activist who brought the disturbing situation to the attention of a correspondent of SaharaReporters.

Politicians, Others Evade BVN

• Banks’ enforcement raises new issues
• CBN extends enrolment for Diaspora customers

IF, as the saying goes, money talks, it is speaking in unmistakable terms to some people: You may own me but do not touch me. At least for now.

For fear of being identified as owners of huge deposits in banks, amid acclaimed success in the Bank Verification Number (BVN), some politically exposed persons and top officers in the public service seem to have evaded the scheme, The Guardian has learnt.

This revelation came to light last night as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) extended the timeline for banks’ customers in the Diaspora to enroll for their BVN to January 31, 2016.

Army Releases 182 Boko Haram Prisoners

Nigerian Army has released 182 Boko Haram suspects from Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State.
About 40 boys, 24 women, 100 men and 18 children were among those released on Sunday.
Spokesman of the army, Colonel Sani Usman, revealed that the “joint intelligence community investigated and authorised” the release of these prisoners.
He added that the release was part of Nigeria Army Day, which was held on July 6 to commemorate the first shots of Nigeria’s Civil War at Garaken, Cross Rivers State.
The prisoners were reportedly released to the governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima.
The military had also said that more people detained for alleged links with the Boko Haram sect will be released after being cleared by its joint intelligence cell.

JOINT STATEMENT: Final declaration on the results of the Syria Talks in Vienna as agreed by participants

(red bolded color added to the original)
Meeting in Vienna, on October 30, 2015, China, Egypt, the EU, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the United States [“the participants”] came together to discuss the grave situation in Syria and how to bring about an end to the violence as soon as possible.
The participants had a frank and constructive discussion, covering major issues. While substantial differences remain among the participants, they reached a mutual understanding on the following:

Top 5 Useful tips to help you deal with a Nigerian Policeman

‘The policeman is your friend!’

This statement is feared by numerous Nigerians. This observation is as an aftereffect of some reported experiences that numerous individuals have had with men which led awful end results.

While a lot of people have a bitter-sweet relationship with the law enforcers, most concede the indispensable part the police play in securing lives and property. Which is the reason Nigerians need to engage with them to protect the nation.

Stop when a Nigerian Policeman flags you

Policemen have the right to stop and search anyone by virtue of being a law enforcement agency. So, whenever a policeman flags you to a stop, do not hesitate to hit the brakes. Before setting out on your journey, ensure your car particulars are up-to-date and you have a fire extinguisher as well. This will not give them a loophole to exploit. However, ensure that you watch them with an eagle eye so that they will not implicate you.

Speak Foreign Language or English

Pidgin English’ otherwise known as vernacular is the easiest way a policeman can communicate with you. With this knowledge, when interacting with them, reply the policeman in English. This will make it easier for them to let you go. They will even think you are a lawyer. However, do not allow your ‘big grammar’ to get you into trouble.

Don’t argue with a gun-wielding policeman

In a buzzing city like Port Harcourt, you do not want anyone to waste time. A police intrusion on a Monday morning is unwelcome by many commuters. Hence, the tendency to argue with a policeman especially a gun-wielding one is possible. It is better you allow them humiliate you rather than argue with them. What you should do is to memorize the policeman’s tag number and report him to a superior officer. But if you do otherwise, the outcome may be nasty.
Know your right

Ignorance is not an excuse under the law. So, try as much as possible to know your right and privileges. It will really come handy when a policeman is attempting to be smart by referencing or quoting non-existent laws. If you are not a lawyer, you will definitely fall for this. Your car may be tolled or you may end up offering a tip to the policeman. At the very least, know the necessary documents to share with share with the police when flagged down.
Respect the policeman

The Nigerian policeman stays on the highway, in our neighbourhoods, in the sun and even in the rain from dusk to dawn to safeguard lives and property. Yet, Nigerians rarely appreciate them. Alternatively, if they are withdrawn from the streets, what do you think will happen? Chaos. The Nigerian police may not be comparable to their American or British counterparts, but at the very least, they are doing their best to keep the country safe.


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