Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ukraine’s Plot to Exchange a Citizen of Israel for Terrorists who Killed Russian Officers, by Scott Humor

Last week while we were celebrating the success of Russian athletes, other people were busy cooking up some fake news mixed with Hollywood-style horrors and injustices.  To make a long story short, a blogger living in Ukraine known as varyag2007 has been almost, not quite, but very close to being arrested by the SBU. We were informed that the arrest is going to take place if not now then most definitely in the distant future. I am talking about the self proclaimed “anti-fascist” blogger Miroslava Berdnik

Buhari's Case: Justice Abang Removes Self

Justice Abang removes self from case against Buhari

Justice Abang has disqualified himself from a case against President Buhari – Incorporated Trustees of Oron Union brought a case against PMB regarding his nominations – The nominations of Mr Obong and Frank Samuel to the NDDC board led to the filing of the suit against President Muhammadu Buhari.

What Kerry Discussed With Buhari And Governors

The United States has pledged more support to Nigeria’s anti-graft fight even as it praised President Muhammadu Buhari’s courage.
“We applaud what you are doing. Corruption creates a ready-made playing field for recruiting extremists,” visiting U.S. Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry, told Buhari at a closed-door meeting at the Presidential Villa yesterday.