Friday, October 31, 2014

Open letter to the hit-&-run driver.

A letter written to a hit-and-run driver by the brother of late Joseph Aidanemhen. So sad! Read below

I thought I should take a moment to let you know a little about the 'rising star' you brought to an abrupt end on Monday 27th October, 2014 at 1T4 junction, Ihumundumu road, Ekpoma. His names were Joseph Ighodalo Aidanemhen. He only just turned 20 earlier this year, and also just got admitted to study English at Ambrose Alli University weeks ago. He was the pride of everyone in my family, as he was the last-born thereof. Joseph was an intelligent, ambitious, confident and loving brother, who doubles as a son.

A week or two ago when he got that admission, we (including himself) were all excited and were doing everything possible to give him a solid start, but today, it is a different and opposite feeling altogether for everyone of us. He leaves behind an aged father, mother and the rest of us, whom are struggling to come to terms with his shocking demise. Do you know it was actually his first day at school to perform his clearance that you gave him the clearance of his life? Yea, it was. By the way, I learnt you were a woman. So, I want to ask; Do you have a child(ren) you labored to bring to life or plan having one? Do you have a loved one that you are ready to go to any lenght for? Do you feel fulfilled knocking him down and running away, leaving him to grow cold? I am not sure if the answers to these questions will come to me directly, but I am certain they will come to the Almighty Judge of All, The GOD of hosts!
A soul in Pain"

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