Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Most Mysterious House U Have Ever Lived In Nigeria!

When I was younger, my mum used to move from one house to another, like almost every year

one time, we moved to some house near a big farm undecided

after some weeks, we realized our new house was built on top a grave yard shocked
towards the end of the street was also an O.O Obum church! shocked
and whenever there is an O.O Obum church, most of the pple living ard the area will be O.O Obum members

O.O bum members usually write O.O.O on their gates

cheesy the most exciting aspect of my house was the fertile soil due to it being a former graveyard

I used to plant tomatoes, corn, cassava, okro and plaintain @ our backgyard
I was just 10 years old by that time
I have never had the opportunity to have my own small farm as a child but that house . . lol
it was fun mehn

but the bad thing, I used to see ghost ard the house
I usually had night mares
esp one black witch that used to attack me in my dream all the time

the O.O Obum members used to freak me all the time wih their white and white and mean faces
it was like dey were only friendly to their fellow O.O Obum members
they hated us since we were protestant

there was a time our water tanker blew
we had no choice but to go and fetch water from the O.O Obum church
whenever we went to fetch water, the priest and his wife will be looking at us strangely shocked

after two weeks, everyone in the house including my mother fell sick of typhoid and malaria @ the same time
we had to go to the hospital twice a day for two weeks
family members had to check on us all the time
my mothers best friend had to move in because of the bad situation grin


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