Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two Million Nigerians Enslaved in #Bokoistan As North East Colonized By B'Haram

bokoistan1 Two Million Nigerians Enslaved in #Bokoistan As North East Colonized By BHaram

Over 2 million Nigerians are now residing in Bokoistan, the occupied territories in Nigeria’s northeastern States; Borno, Adamawa and Yobe. Based on a written report in Daily Trust Monday, November 03, 2014 by Abdullahi Idris, the sum total land mass currently captured by Boko Haram is about 20,000 square kilometers, that is larger than three Nigerian States. Over 10 local governments have now been swallowed by Bokoistan, they include as we’ve earlier listed: Gamboru-Ngala, Dikwa, Abadam, Marte, Bama, Madagali, Gulak, Gwoza, Mitchika, Mubi, some names of occupied towns are: Vintim, Ran, Gulumba, Ngala, Wulgo, Banki, Darjamal, Nguro Soye, Izge, Ashgashia, Pulka, Ngoshe among others.

A Serf System

Naira is no further the currency of occupied Bokoistan. Trade is by barter and all enslaved citizens are forced to submit their earnings and produce to the Boko Haram authorities. Women we spoke to in the occupied lands explained how  terrorists come and seize all valuables and essentials of living from their homes including stored food and kerosene. Terrorists also seize the young at will for sex or even to be forcefully been trained in large sets of a large number of conscripted youth, new armies. In regions like Gwoza and Bama, throughout the last 8 weeks of occupation, thousands have now been slaughtered at will as genocide is just how of the newest nation: 4,333 have now been killed in Bama by the Tashama Bama, escapee count from last Monday.

Nigeria’s military has collapsed. Years of massive embezzlement and sabotage of the military underneath the PDP political administration has left the military totally struggling to mount a résistance to Boko Haram invading forces, talk less reoccupy annexed land. The 40,000 Nigerian troops can’t defend Nigeria from the 30-50,000 and increasing Boko Haram French controlled forces. Boko Haram is conscripting a large number of able youth in Bama, Gwoza, Mubi and other occupied areas. They celebrate the systematic handing over of Nigeria’s arsenal for them as happens each barrack they take over. From Mubi, Boko Haram have now been rejoicing the receipt of container lots of new arms and ammunition which their new conscripts will soon be armed with.

While The Jonathan-led Nigerian government refuses to allow the arming of civilians in the northeast and volunteers from across the nation to protect the integrity of the remainder of Nigeria; Boko Haram on the contrary is arming all who it occupies to produce a most deadly army that’ll have the potential to overpower any in West Africa.





No Hope From Religious and Traditional And State Leaders

Their state representatives; the traditional and religious leaders along with the Statesmen and other northern and entire Nigerian co-called elders have abandoned the explanation for individuals in occupied lands and the explanation for Nigeria in general in effect. Leadership is no further a pride and office of service, but merely a chance to amass cash and purchase property abroad (to evacuate the family). The plight of the folks of Borno has probably been left to the Sheikh of Borno who has likewise not been very publicly noticed shouting and making resolutions for his people to be defended and to guard themselves.

The plight of the folks of Adamawa perhaps has been left to the Lamido of Adamawa alone. There’s been no uproar and notable decision from the Sultan of Sokoto towards proactive involvement of the north in the defense of territories being lost. Perhaps these leaders aren’t cognizant of the fact the Boko Haram forces will stop nowhere and will stop at nothing till they overtake the whole north and nation.

The brand new Emir of Kano, who the folks of Nigeria stood up to guard; as opposed to being heard and seen proactively engaged in the business of a northern and Nigerian civilian and army response to guard and recover the north, has been seen lately making peace with the ruler and enemy of Nigeria who made peace with the Boko Haram nation at war around and enslaving our millions. The friend of one’s enemy can be your enemy, it’s said. It’s hard to acknowledge as friends, those that decide to befriend the leadership of Nigeria, proud friend and peace maker with occupying terrorists and the sponsors of these.

Will Nigerian civilians stage an answer? What’s the worthiness of Nigeria’s leadership system; traditional, military and democratic in light of the possible lack of foresight, commitment, skill and ability to acknowledge the serious threats even as we face and to direct and coordinate the urgently needed responses in their mind? The governor of Borno like a number of other educated Nigerians was fooled a ceasefire was logical, tenable and in process. It’s clear that few have the requisite ability to know the fact and demands of the existing desperate situation Nigeria has been forced into by the Jonathan years. Will Nigerian masses resort to solving this issue themselves because the terror hits breaking point; and will that be too late. And finally in case that people achieve this; what would be the fate of the leadership institutions directly after we do? Nigeria dangles.


Two Million Nigerians Enslaved in #Bokoistan As North East Colonized By B'Haram

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