Friday, December 12, 2014

Encounters as soldiers pursue Terrorists 

Troops in quest for terrorists had an experience with a gathering of them at Muva Junction yesterday. The wild experience brought about generous setbacks including loss of lives & supplies on both sides.
nigerian troops Encounters as soldiers pursue Terrorists 

A heavily clad Personnel Carrier utilized by the terrorists was devastated in the battle, while General Purpose Machine Gun, Rocket Propelled Grenades, rifles,ieds, & ammo and in addition, bows, bolts, by locally made pistols guns & firearms caught from them have been taken into custody.

In the mean time, troops have proceeded with their development sponsored with exceedingly composed air strikes against the terrorists. Groups & areas, for example, Garkida, Vimtim, Kumare-Uba, Mararaba, Mubi, & others are likewise under consistent watches & observation to secure them against any resurgence of terrorist exercises.

Encounters as soldiers pursue Terrorists 

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