Sunday, January 25, 2015

Germans head to the street to Protest Against Americanization of West

No less than 1000 took to the roads in the German city of Erfurt to partake in a hostile to Americanization rally, the coordinator of the protest reported.

gemany © Photo: Facebook/PEGADA

BERLIN, January 25 (Ooduarere) – At minimum 1000 individuals have joined in an against Americanization rally in the German city of Erfurt, the coordinator of the challenge activity Pegada (Patriotische Europäer gegen kick the bucket Amerikanisierung des Abendlandes – German for “Energetic Europeans against the Americanization of the West”) has reported.


“A successful and peaceful day is behind us all! Thank you wholeheartedly for over 1000 people who today together in Europe and around the world have made a big step in the direction of peace with us!” Pegada said in a message on its Facebook page Saturday.

“This day was the beginning of something incredibly large in Erfurt!” the group added.

In the mean time, Der Spiegel reported Saturday that the rally additionally pulled in Americanization supporters, who composed their own particular showing, went to by around 600 individuals. Police said there were conflicts between the individuals who appeared for the Pegada rally and the restricting gathering, in spite of the fact that it was hard to say, which individuals fit in with which demonstration, as per Der Spiegel.

Pegada’s site says that the gathering backings religious resilience and European solidarity and urges all Europeans to remain up against the main driver of all issues in Europe, which Pegada accepts is the US organiza

Germans head to the street to Protest Against Americanization of West

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