Monday, January 5, 2015

Photos: The epileptic man on the road

"What happened today, 5th of january, 2015 shows what Nigeria has become today. The average man in Nigeria is helpless ( I write this with all sincerity of heart)
Today an epileptic man was lying helplessly on the side of the road vibrating and lying faced down. People drove by, walked by and no one seemed to care and because of the epidemic virus- ebola no one wanted to touch him  and that is very understandable.
We were 5 or 6 of us so who cared. what did we do? We called for an ambulance three different times and were we told “IT WASNT AN EMERGENCY”. Then we called the ebola line maybe they would handle the situation with more efficiency. UNFORTUNATELY the person who picked the call heard the story and cut off the call...imagine that! So we didn’t bother to call for help again!

So we hoped that the epilepsy would calm down, but unfortunately it became worse and due to that he ended up falling in the gutter (which was full of stale water), he could have lost his life. So 2 men were able to bring him out and then we got a doctor who lived nearby to come help us .. HOURS went by and FINALLY! He came back! He remembered his name & was able to speak………

At the end of the day, he got come money for transport, a change of cloths and definitely some advice from the doctor! I’m so grateful he didn’t have to lose his life.

If the roads was tarred his asthma wouldn’t have been at the extreme. If the gutter was properly drained, He wouldn’t have drowned. If we had reliable health care services in this country he would have gotten better treatment and probably not have gotten that epileptic attack. If we had an effective ambulance system and if the ebola line was effective too he would have been in the hospital getting better treatment. If we weren’t caring enough to help him! Who knows??? He could have lost his life. 
Nigeria needs a turnaround before its too late!!!

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