Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Africa's Young Entrepreneurs release ₦150m to fund Nigerian Entrepreneurs this year

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you require smart business skills training? Does your business require funds? Do you lack capital to start your business?

Africa's Young Entrepreneurs is back in Nigeria, bringing you AYEEN 2015, Africa's young entrepreneurs empowerment Nigeria. Last year hundreds of entrepreneurs were funded & empowered
This year do not be left behind. Young Entrepreneurs in need of  smart business skills or capital to start their own business,will be meeting with experts from United states, Canada and South Africa. 
The most innovative and viable business ideas will benefit from direct funding to start up or boost their businesses plus an all expense paid trip for this group of selected entrepreneurs to Ottawa Canada for a 2 week business skills training program.

Below are many other benefits to everyone that attends the program:

-All participants will benefit from an opportunity to be placed on
thier Web Business Campaign (WBC), an online platform to showcase your
business to thousands of investors across the globe.

- All participants will receive a free business skills training and
mentoring by A.Y.E which will include business plan and proposal

 - All participants will get a free webinar session with one of
America's finest social media expert (Mandi Susman).

-A.Y.E will give support to participants requiring international business 
expansion through their respective embassies

-Free Associate membership for all attendees.

-All participant will receive the A.Y.E business recognition certificate 
which will serve as endorsement to enhance and facilitate intra-trade 
amongst other members.

-Free business websites for all participants

-Business make-overs for existing start up businesses

-Selected entrepreneurs will be receive full funding for their business

-Businesses that have shown innovation and profitability will benefit 
from an all-expense paid trip to Ottawa Canada on a two-weeks business 
skills training program.

-Networking opportunity and pictures with the business giants and speakers 
from all over Africa.

Don't miss out on this opportunity click here to register  : , limited application space available

twitter : AYEorganisation
Facebook : Africa's Young Entrepreneurs 
website: AYEEN | Hom

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