Sunday, March 15, 2015

APC Governorship aspirant in Kogi state kisses the dust in fatal accident

APC Governorship competitor in Kogi state, AbdulAziz Omeiza Aliyu (presented bellow) and his more youthful sibling, Salmanu Adeiza Aliyu lost their lives in a deadly street accident that happened at Jere town along Kaduna – Abuja government expressway yesterday March fourteenth.

A family representative, Abubakar Aliyu said the 36 year old legislator was coming back from Abuja to Kogi with his more sibling when the prattled vehicle they were riding in got included in the accident. All passenger in the auto kicked the bucket.

“Omeiza spoke with his father around 1.30pm Saturday few minutes into the ill fated journey and barely half an hour, we received the shocking and sad news of his demise from a samaritans from the scene of the accident. From the report we received none of passengers on the ill fated Sharon car survived and they have been given mass burial at location at Jere town”.

Speaking on his children’s death, Alhaji Momohjimoh Aliyu said he has taken the occurrence as a demonstration of God ” I have accepted it as an act of God. They are from God and they have returned to Him at appointed time and on our part we have accepted it as an act of God” ” he said

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