Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Woman kisses the dust After A Botched Cosmetic Surgery In Dallas, USA

A 34 year old lady known as Wykesha Reid didn’t have any know with her demise was close when she visited the Deep Ellum salon in Dallas, Texas for backside  shots.

Ms. Reid was said to have grumbled severally in regards to the measure of her behind & she needed a greater bum. Then again She was accounted for to have passed on after her fourth visit to the bootleg market bum infusion shop. The police in the end discovered her body at the salon which had been cleaned out and her wallet had been taken.

The Dallas News reports that salon holders Denise Ross, 43, and Jimmy Clarke, 31 – who is otherwise called Alicia – are being chased by police, however not due to Ms Reid’s demise. Police say they are needed on charges of honing drug without a permit in connection to a different case in which a lady who got the surgery endured ‘agony, soreness and mental issues’.

The pair could in any case be accused of Ms Reid’s demise, be that as it may, contingent upon the toxicology results,

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