Friday, April 17, 2015

Video: Maid in Nairobi, Kenya caught on camera breastfeeding boss's baby

A recently employed house- help in Kenya known as Grace Mwikali Mwema has been captured by the Kenyan police after she was discovered on cam breastfeeding her boss’s 9months old child.

In the video which was circulated on Kenya’s Nairobi news, the caretaker, who is a mother of a three month old tyke, is seen offering her breasts to the child who sucked for a couple of seconds and after that declined to proceed. Seeing that the youngster was no more cooperating, the house help dropped the child to play.

The kid’s mum had introduced a caretaker cam in her home to screen the maid she’d employed only two days prior to the occurrence. She said when the babysitter was confronted , she initially said that the infant was the one playing with her breast yet later conceded when she was told she’d been filmed doing the unnatural demonstration. The lady called the police who arrested the servant and later presented the video on her Facebook page.

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