Saturday, May 30, 2015

Atiku & OBJ, the 2 heavy weight political ex-champions that killed PDP share a laughter at Inauguration gala night

I think that there should be a say that" don't ever eradicate the founding fathers of anything as it will lead to doom or failure of that thing.
This was the case when Steve Jobs was initially dumped and Apple went down until he was called back to revive the nearly dead tech giant, "Apple". The same is the case for PDP.

The moment these two heavy weight political powers left the party, the failure of the party prevailed and it gave APC a green light.
We all know for a fact that if GEJ rigged the election and still has the support of these two heavy weight Political champions ( OBJ & Atiku) in Nigeria, nothing will happen. It would be be another 4 years term for GEJ but the founding fathers decided to kill the party finally because the puppet refused to dance to their music. Don't forget that PDP's problem started when ATIKU and OBJ were having issues and OBJ's 3rd term agenda finally killed the future of PDP. Because OBJ made sure his adversaries did not get into power and in other words installed Y'adua/GEJ someone he could count on or take as puppet to continue his agenda but both of them failed him woefully and the opposite and equal reaction to that is to liquidate the party by dumping it. However, do not make mistake, OBJ is a statesman to the call but his ideas may be too primitive to take us to the next level. We just needed this transition to happen.

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