Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pics: Students, parents and teachers hold night vigil in school over alleged plans by Enugu govt to demolish their school

 Parents, teachers and students of Spring of Life International School, Enugu have resorted to holding vigils inside their school premises after their state government allegedly indicated plans to demolish their school that they termed an illegal structure.
Based on the students who reached out to us, their state government had recently embarked on pulling down illegal structures in their state built with out a town plan approval and had marked their school premises for demolition. Their school management immediately approached an Enugu state court and the court issued an injunction barring their state government from carrying out the planned demolishing. See photos of students holding vigil bellow. After the jump break.

After students and school management saw tractors and bulldozers of their state government around their school premises, they've been keeping watch morning and night assured to avoid of stopping any attempted demolition.
The students say other buildings on a single street where their school is situated, Golden Royal Hotel (most state govt function hold there), Blue island hotel and even a clean land just besides the institution that will be currently being fenced have already been left from the planned demolition.

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