Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Advice To All Nigerian Developers

I have been a developer since 2008 and have met so many clients for different reasons. Most of the projects they outsource to local developers either get abandoned in the process or don't get used in the long run. They believe in outsourcing to foreign developers for very serious projects

My Indian friend who is among the team that built Finacle (software used in most banks in Nigeria) keeps telling me that Nigerians are lazy, but I know he is wrong in that. We are just too busy with many things and achieve very little.

In the course 7 years of active development I have left to do front end, back end and graphics design on my own, which makes me to do all projects alone. The country made it so but I know it is very wrong. Of late I discovered that my strength is in UX and UI design and not backend. My designs are always mind blowing.

Because of lack of specialisation, clients tends to price us low. Since many others claims to do all same things even cheaper.

If we as developers discovers our strength and perfects on it, then share projects with other talents, I believe that clients will be glad to pay us high knowing that his/her projects are handled by different experts and will deliver in due time with full project documentation.

I also noticed that only very few developers follow the due process in Web development. Product research -» user experience research -» wireframes -» User Interface design-» coding backend-» optimisation and launching. We are fund of jumping process and doing things anyhow.

I charge clients high for projects now because I do the needful. I will encourage us developers to improve on our strengths, extend jobs for other experts to do their part to get a perfect product in time. With this, you can confidently bill clients several millions for projects and they will be glad to pay.

Always improve continuously. It pays. And also endeavour to save more money, it helps your bargaining power when you know you are not near broke.

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