Saturday, June 27, 2015

My sister is married to a homosexual

Am from Ananmbra State, a family of Five, 3girls and my sister is the eldest. My parents are not poor, we were all educated to the university level. Last 2 years, my sister came home and told us she's getting married to a man she has not met, just through the guys mum because she stayed in their flat when she was in Uni.

The marriage was arranged between her, my mum and her mother inlaw. The family in question is very rich and famous, they all stay abroad. My dad was against this but she and my mum never listened. They did the Trad in the guys absence, she danced alone and took pictures with empty chair that the husband was suppose to sit on.

They made mockery of our family in that wedding because it was so funny.
He came back a night to his white wedding and during the vote of thanks he could not say my sister name because he doesn't know her name.......He left 2 days after and my sister got pregnant. This guy never came back until his daughter was 2years and few months.

The problem started when he came back, with a white guy claiming to be his friend. He spends sometime during the day with his daughter and the night with the young man at a hotel.

Meanwhile since he came back, he's refused touch my sister saying he's tired. They had a fight which got the attention of the two families, all he could say was that he had a penis surgery and the doctor said it can't stand until after a few years, and that the white guy is just a friend that he enjoys spending the night with.

At the mention of his white friend he became aggressive and said he never wanted to marry, that his parents forced him, that they should allow him live his life........he left the country the next day with the friend and since then has not called.

 My sister is broken, my family is bothered, and his parents said they will sort things out.
What do we do now?

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