Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pictured! Actresses Fight Dirty Over Lesbianism Tale

Two Nollywood actresses Biodun Okeowo and another one named Wura Gold are currently in the middle of a fierce battle to wash their hands off a lesbianism tale and it all depends on who can lie most. According to the most popular one, Biodun Okeowo, Wura Gold was her close friend until the day she asked her to become her lover. The mother of two said she was forced to distance herself from Wura ever since that day and that was how hell was let loose. Wura has been bad mouthing me and saying all sorts of things against me she alleged.  BestofNollywood however reached out to them and both ladies pushed the blame on each other. Hear Biodun first;

“…Wura Gold was my friend before and we were very good friend. But I started to give her space when I started realizing the kind of person she truly was. She told me she wants us to become lovers as in becoming Lesbian partners. I told her wasn’t interested… And that was it. Wura started going around calling me names. She spoils my name in front of everyone… Recently when I went for ‘TESFIR’ Ramadan Lecture. Some people saw me and called me friends with Wura Gold, I told them. She is not my friend. At least not any more. Liz Dasilva then decided to come in to resolve the cause of the quarrel between us. Liz then called myself and Wura on a conference call and tried talking to us. When I opened up to Liz on the reason Wura is fighting me, Wura started to curse me and my children.”

Then Wura said;

”…on the contrary it was Biodun Okeowo that asked me to become her lover and I turned her down. Why would she turn things, people are so funny. You can go ahead and ask the likes of Anita Julius and Liz DaSilva at least they have slept in my house, if there was ever anytime I made such silly advances at any of them,” she said.

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