Sunday, August 23, 2015

Russian Lawmakers Slam Obama Over Hypocritical Congrats to War-Torn Ukraine

State Duma lawmakers bashed the White House for the ill taste it demonstrated in Obama’s “hypocritical” and “impudent” congratulations to his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko.

Recently, US President Barack Obama congratulated Poroshenko and the people of Ukraine on the 24th anniversary of the country's independence. In his message, Obama noted that Kiev's new government is as close as ever to materializing its vision of a democratic and prosperous Ukraine.

Among Russian parliamentarians, Obama's message became an object of ridicule, REGNUM reported. Irina Yarovaya, the head of the Russian parliament's security and anti-corruption committee, said that the US president's offer of congratulations is imbued with hypocrisy and impudence.
«It seems like the genocide of Donbass residents is a sign of successful work of the two nations to Obama," she said.

The Russian lawmaker also commented on Obama's promise that the US will support Ukraine in such a crucial period of the country's history, when essential reforms are being implemented "despite the aggression of Russia in the East."

"The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate sees Russia's humanitarian aid that saves Donbass civilians from dying of hunger as aggression," Yarovaya said.
"Not to mention the Crimean referendum which is outrageously peaceful to US tastes as it doesn't live up to the standards of American democracy we witnessed in Kosovo and other states that make a long list".

Russia's State Duma Defense Committee Member Franz Klintsevich said it is unfortunate that Obama didn't mention the prospects of peaceful reconciliation of the Donbass conflict in his message, though for now it is Ukraine's primary concern.
«Meanwhile, the ritual accusations of Russian aggression on the east and occupation of Crimea were not cut out. The White House twisted the genres and by that demonstrated to the world its ill taste" the parliamentarian stated.

The whole pattern of the congratulatory message sounded more like an anti-Russian lampoon, State Duma lawmakers ironically concluded.

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