Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Will Build On Jega’s Record, Says New INEC Chair

Mahmood Yakubu, new chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), says he will not experiment with reforms at the commission, but consolidate on the reforms implemented by Attahiru Jega.
Speaking on Thursday during his screening at the senate, Yakubu said much had been achieved since the last general election.
He promised to firm up the electoral process and not to be intimidated into doing what is not proper.
“The success of any election depends on the ability of the commission to organise and arrange properly in advance,” he said.

“But in this country we have the culture of rush, as a result of this so many things that are supposed to be done much early are not done.
“If six months is the time limit under the law at present, I definitely will look at the possibility of coming back to the national assembly for an appropriate amended of the electoral act to enable us to have longer period of time for preparation.
“There must be no room for experimentation. As far as I am concerned something happened to this country in 2015, and we should consolidate on that.
“I’m not coming in for experimentation. I am coming in for consolidation. We cannot experiment all the time because for the first time we have achieved tremendous democratic stability in this country. Democracy is not about here and now, it is about here and forever.”
The senate confirmed the appointment of Yakubu, a professor of history, and five national commissioners.
They are: Baba Shettima (northeast); Amina Zakari (northwest); Adedeji Solomon (southwest); Mustapha Lecky (south south); and Antonia Simbe (north central).
Yakubu was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari on October 21.

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