Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Surprise, Surprise: ‘Russia’s Military More Advanced Than People Thought’

The Western media seems to be acknowledging the might and capability of Russia’s military, admitting that the country's strategy and tactics outmatch those of its adversaries, and Syria has only “allowed it to showcase” this to the world.

A New York-based online magazine, Business Insider, has published a video which is more explicit than a thousand words, entitled “Russia's military is more advanced than people thought.” It summarizes the recent achievements of the Russian air campaign in Syria.

Foreign experts seem to be becoming more and more surprised with the might and capability of the Russian Military, noting that Syria has only “allowed it to showcase its progress in the world.”

A posted video summarizes Russia’s success in Syria, noting the state-of-the-art equipment Moscow is using in its air campaign.

It refers to the combat warplanes and cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea, and features the comments of military analysts, who note that Russia’s new weapons are more capable than their Western analogues. They say the same of the strategy and tactics of the Russian Military.

This echoes the opinion of the British newspaper The Independent:
“Their army’s equipment and strategy was outmoded'; their air force’s bombs and missiles were 'more dumb than smart'; their navy was 'more rust than ready'. For decades, this was Western military leaders’ view, steeped in condescension, of their Russian counterparts. What they have seen in Syria and Ukraine has come as a shock.”

It also refers to the comments of Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander of the US army in Europe, who has described Russian advances in electronic warfare in Syria and Ukraine – “a field in which they were typically supposed to be backward” – as “eye-watering”.

The outlet says that President Putin’s “intervention in Syria has been a game changer and what happens there now lies, to a large extent, in his hands.”

It cites as an example the Ukraine conflict, which “is semi-frozen, on his terms. The Russians are allying with the Kurds, unfazed by the Turkish anger this has provoked. And, crucially, they are now returning to Egypt to an extent not seen for 44 years, since they were kicked out by President Anwar Sadat.”
The newspaper also notes that one of “the most senior analysts in Israeli military intelligence” told it that “anyone who wants anything done in this region is beating a path to Moscow.”

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