Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stop Believing These Top 10 SEO Lies from now on.. ( 10 Social signals are key )

10. Social signals are key (here are 50,000 of them!)

Another guru bandwagon claim is that social signals are the new links. This is crap. Sure, social signals are good.. they tell Google that your site and content is popular but if you think you are going to rank with social signals alone you are high as fuck. 

People are also riding the guru BS train and selling social signals in huge quantities.. Guess what? They are fake.. Don’t you think Google is smart enough to detect which ones are natural and which ones come from social signal farms in India or China? Of course they are!

Ordering these huge social signal packages is worthless.. You are basically throwing your money out the window. If you are using social signals take a look at the crap you are receiving. 

Again sites with huge traffic and readership are going to get social signal naturally.. from real users. These are good. Social signals from farms in India or China are horrible. You might as well just hashtag #GiveMeAGooglePenalty.. because it is that obvious.

Well there you have it.. these are just 10 of the many SEO lies that the guru clan floods the web with,, be wary when you see them in future. Feel free to share your own.

Any questions? Post them in the thread and I will do my best to answer. 

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