Saturday, May 21, 2016

When Did APC/Buharists Become Patriotic?

Yesterday, March 20, 2016, I went to Tecno office in Maryland (Lagos) to make enquiries on one of their new product(L8). While there, I met with a staff, who is also a chronic follower of  Politics section and a core Buharist. This staff/Buharist started lamenting how PDP guys pick sides with individuals and groups that are against the FG (specifically NDA and IPOB), the act he termed "unpatriotic". I listened to his wailing a and asked him a simple question, WHEN DID APC REALISE THE NEED FOR PATRIOTISM?

In case APC has forgotten, it is good to remind them how "patriotic" they were all through the life of former President Ebele Jonathan with respect to the war against BH Terrorists.

Please, take your time to read, note the dates and the positions of APC/ACN in all these.

1. The Battle of Baga 2013
In April 2013, there was a heavy gun duel between the Army(headed by Ihejirika) and the Boko Haram in Baga, Borno state. According to report by the media 185 people were killed including Boko Terrorists and civilians.

The fighting broke out in the remote fishing village of Baga, when gunmen/terrorist who were believed to be hiding among civilians opened fire on Nigerian soldiers. Military officials said the militants deployed heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades and used the civilian population as "human shields."
The army also denied the 185 casualty figure but admitted that there could be few civilian casualties.

April, 2013: President Jonathan Response
President Jonathan who understands the mischief of foreign media and "so-called" right groups, ordered for "investigation" but showed support for the army. It is on record that some media and Right Groups are quick to shout "genocide" "massacre" "crime against humanity" etc whenever the Nigeria Army launches assault against Boko Terrorist. In the words of Ruben Abati,

“While the preliminary briefings indicate that the casualty figures being reported by the foreign media may be grossly exaggerated, President Jonathan assures Nigerians and the global community that the Federal Government of Nigeria places the highest possible value on the lives of all citizens of the country and that his administration will continue to do everything possible to avoid the killing or injuring of innocent bystanders in security operations against terrorists and insurgents. Rules of engagement for the military and security agencies are already in place for this purpose and the investigation ordered by President Jonathan into the incident in Baga is to amongst other things, determine whether or not these rules were fully complied with."

April, 2013: Baga Massacre; Crime Against Humanity – ACN Decries, Blames FG
Rather than stand by the army or keep shut, the ACN/APC blamed the Military and the President and called it "massacre" even without verifying what really happened. In the words of Lai Muhammed

‘’Enough is enough. Even in countries at war, innocent citizens are not being daily mowed to death either by insurgents or state forces, as we are experiencing in Nigeria. It is clear that the Nigerian government is either unwilling or unable to prosecute these crimes, despite the deceptive assurances by those at the helm, hence the ICC must immediately beam its search-light on the situation in Nigeria.”

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