Saturday, June 11, 2016

How We Killed Colonel Samaila Inusa In Kaduna - Suspects Confess

The suspected killers of kidnapped Colonel Samaila Inusa, yesterday opened up on how they killed the later military officer.

The suspects were paraded by Kaduna State Police Commissioner Adamu Ibrahim.
Col. Inusa was abducted on the highway and taken away. His body was later found.

Prime suspect Emeka Okeke, 44, told reporters that they did not originally plan to kill the officer but he died during a struggle with the gun.
“Me and my group specialise in car snatching, we are not kidnappers,” Okoke said

Recounting how they attacked the officer, whose identity they did not know, he said: ”One Sunday evening, we were on patrol to snatch any vehicle we saw. It was in the process we saw Colonel Inusa’s vehicle coming from Police College down to Refinery Junction and we collected the car.

“ We immediately handed over the car to Dan-Sokoto and he took it away. Then, we took him to Abuja by-pass. I asked him to lie down and relax his mind, because we were only interested in the car, not his life.

“I told him, you are bigger than this car, and if you live, you will buy another car’. Shortly after then, he said he wanted to drink water, so I went to the car to bring pure water for him. As I bent down to give him the water, the man snatched the gun from me and quickly removed the magazine.

“But one bullet was already in the panel. So, he was holding the gun butt and I was holding the mouth. So, we were dragging the gun. At a point, the gun was facing me and he attempted to pull the trigger, but he could not do that and I succeeded in turning the gun in his direction. He pulled the trigger and fired himself.

“So, I told him, you know I didn’t want to kill you, but you have killed yourself now. But that man nearly killed me.” He said.
Asked where his gang members were when he was dragging the gun with the Colonel, Okeke said, they all ran away.

He added that one week after, they started reading on the pages of newspapers and on social media that the man they killed was a senior military officer.
Asked how much they sold the car, Okeke said: “they gave us N800,000 and we shared.

Okeke and his gang members – Kabir Ibrahim 23, Chijoke Ogwuanye 41 and Ekene Precious 43 – were tracked down in Gonin-Gora area of Kaduna.
Commissioner of Police Adamu Ibrahim paraded other suspected car snatchers, armed robbers, cattle rustlers and others.

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