Friday, September 9, 2016

ISIS Burns 2 Turkish Tanks In Syria (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Ivanov
Islamic State (IS) terrorists hit two Turkish Sabra tanks with an export version of the Russian Kornet portable anti-tank missile system. As result, the tanks were destroyed, three soldiers were killed and four others were wounded.

A video, showing destroying of two Turkish Sabra tanks (Turkish-Israeli modification of the American M60) in Syria, was published online. The tanks were destroyed by two shots of an export version of the Russian Kornet portable anti-tank missile system (the Kornet-E).
One hit of the Kornet’s guided missile completely destroyed the tank, including its ammunition. A pillar of flame from a hatch of the first destroyed tank allows to understand that a shaped charge of the Kornet-E fell interior, and it became ‘hot’ inside the tank.
Commentators noted the weak tactical training of Turkish tankmen – the fighting machines stood on a hill without any coverage, as in a dash. The armor crewmen even have not changed the tank’s position after the first shot. Though, the distance was about 4.5 kilometers and the Sabras could not respond to the fire at all desire. The algorithm of the missile’s operation is also interesting: on approach to the tank it has deviated to the right and hit not frontal, but the side armor of the turret, hitting precisely the aft ammunition stowage area, judging by the result.
The Sabra is the main battle tank, developed in Israel by a deep modification of the American M60. Despite an enhanced armor protection, thermal camera and other electronic gadgets, Israelites could not adapt the tank sample of 1959 to conditions of the modern warfare. All 170 Sabra tanks, produced by Israel, were sold to Turkey.
According to the Turkish side, three soldiers were killed and four others wounded during the attack. Despite the loss of two tanks, Turkish military was able to repel the local attack of the Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

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