Monday, October 13, 2014

Amara Blessing Nwosu on why she married new husband, Francis Van-Lare

Two days before author, public speaker and relationship consultant Amara Blessing Nwosu married US based Francis Van-Lare, the mother of four took to her Facebook page to explain why she chose him six years after leaving an arranged marriage that had a history of domestic abuse. Please read what she wrote below, you might learn a thing or two...
"We sometimes wish certain gifts came our way earlier. Sometimes I wish we had met each other some twenty years ago when I was sent into that hell on earth. But on a second thought, I know it wouldn't be as beautiful as it is now. God often take us through the bad to make us appreciate the good when it comes. Even my living for six years as a single mom of four, I met the good, the bad, and the ugly; some came with too much money believing that is what I needed; others came with their "fine boy' thinking Amara is after those things (I am not one of those women who thrive in vanity).
I remember praying to God not to allow me make another bad choice and suddenly, God brought you my way. Initially, I saw you as one of "those men", it took me several months to fight with my spirit that was leading me to you. I told you straight to your face that I didn't like you. But you simply, without struggle, told me that I am your wife and I can go wherever I like, but I must come back to be your wife. God showed me that He is with you and when I saw your heart, a heart that genuinely loves God, I was attracted to you. I was excited to know that there is this man who won't take me away from God. I was excited to see a man who is interested in seeing the best of me. I was happy to see a man who speaks the truth in love. You daily give me your best thereby drawing out the best in me. All my life, no man has drawn my heart out the way you do. You make me glow like a child. God used you to restore my glory and my joy. My mum recently looked at me and all she could say was, "this is my daughter, Amara; this is that girl I knew".
Words cannot express how much I love you and that's why sometimes, you just see me staring at you without a word. I never knew it could be this way, I have a reason to glorify the name of Jesus Christ and love Him more without reservation; I don't know why she loves me specially. 

From my heart of hearts, I say this: You are my superhero; you are the warrior who fought and made it through my heart. Others failed my little and simple tests; you showed me that you are a man who is in control and will forever be in control. Many came acting 'good boy' around me, they thought that is what Amara wanted, they believed I was carried away by their pretenses, I wasn't; I was only being a proper Anambra woman, raised in the village, with her head together. When we finally met, I knew you are the one and without thinking whose ox was gored, I took a step into destiny. Thank God for His Holy Spirit, He enables me to see what others don't see. Many came to me calling themselves prophets and prophetesses trying to talk me out of. God's divine plan; they goofed because I was raised with the word of God in my hands. I know God's voice when I hear one. 

I daily pray, asking God to make you the man you should be, to yourself, our home, and the world. You are a great man and great shall you ever be. I know what I see when I look at you. God will keep you for me and give me the grace to be the woman I should be to you, never to hurt you in any way. If I should ever think of causing you pain, let God take me away before I do.

I love you Francis Van-Lare you are the king of my heart. Jesus remains Lord over our home.

And here are more photos from their wedding

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