Monday, October 13, 2014

I want somebody of my own class not a truck driver. Please advice me.

 Dear Admin,
I am a 23year old female. My parents died when i was 8 yrs and so i dropped out of school because no-one could afford enough money to pay my fees. I then met this guy when i was 14 and he struggled to send me back to school. He was selling fruit by the street just to pay my fees.  He then got a job as a truck driver and continue to send me to school even to the university, of which i am eternally grateful to him for... indeed there are angels made by God to help the needy in times of trouble.

My problem is that i feel i can't continue with this relationship because he is not my type, i am not the girl that i used to be when he first saw me, dont get it wrong, i am honestly appreciative of what God has used him to do in my life but i just cant get totally committed to him based on pity or how he helped me. So im thinking How best can i tell him that he is not my type without hurting his feelings?? I am grateful that he sent me to school but i can't be in a relationship with him  anymore. I want somebody of my own
class not a truck driver.
Please Advice me

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  1. Firstly your story is quite funny and you at the same time quite myopic. You must realize that he saw potentials in you and risked his life earnings to sponsor your education. It's upto you to encourage him to go back to school and upgrade his class just like he did yours.

    Class is a relative thing, nothing and no one cannot be improved upon if desire and conviction exists.

    You'll forever regret ditching him if you chose that path. Look at the bigger picture!