Friday, October 24, 2014

Dear readers: My man has destroyed my back with his nails

You can find so many scars on my body, especially my back and it's all as a result of my boyfriend. We've been dating for around nine months but I'm starting to be fed up with making love with him. You see everytime he's about release, he digs his nails into my back according to his position and sometimes peels my skin off. His orgasm is indeed intense he is not really alert to just how much he's hurting me until his body is relaxed. We've discussed this often and he promised to become more careful nonetheless it hasn't stopped since it seems like it's out of his hands. I've refused to make love with him for around fourteen days because the last time we made it happen he literally drew blood from my back. Can there be anything we could do? I can't continue making love with him if he can't stop hurting me in the end. I really like the dude and I desire to be with him but exactly what can I really do to prevent this? Is there other women experiencing this?

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