Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Dated A Rich President but He Broke My Heart - Ella Martins

ELLA Martins
In a revealing interview with Vanguard, Ella Martins, a top Beninoise musician and actress, who isn’t shy about the fact that she is well heeled in the rear and sees it as the weapon God bestowed on her, shared some personal stuffs and more. It's an interesting read:
Can you play a romantic role in a music video?
I can play a romantic role but how far I could go is dependent on the script. I can only show off my hips, not my br*asts.

Why not?

They are fragile and I keep them hidden.

Have you ever been heartbroken?

Yes, a president broke my heart. The relationship I had with the president is a long story. I fell in love with him because he was attentive and mature. In fact the relationship made me mature. It’s not easy dating a president. I am even working on a movie based on that experience. Since dating the president, I found it difficult to date an ordinary person.

What is your opinion on s*x before marriage?

S*x before marriage is good, because it helps you to know your partner.
Do you think flaunting s*x appeal is good for showbiz?
Sometimes it’s important. It has helped the likes of Beyonce and Kim Karadashian. They flaunt their sex appeals and it has paid off handsomely to their careers. I flaunt my s*x appeal from time to time. It’s the weapon God gave me.
Have you ever been embarrassed during a performance?
There are two accounts of most embarrassing moments as an artiste. First one was when I was performing with DJ Arafat and during the performance he stopped to kiss me. Second one was during a performance with Orezi. After the performance, the crowd carried me and tried to have a feel of my back side. I was really embarrassed. A lot of people think I did a surgery on my hips but I didn’t. A man once said he will give his life to touch my bum.
Which Nigerian musicians will you love to work with ?
I will love to work with Wizkid, Orezi and Runtown; they are all talented artistes.

What role may you find difficult to play in a movie?

I cannot go n*de in a movie and I won’t allow an actor touch my br*ast.

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