Thursday, November 13, 2014

Graphic Photo: Man accuses a Millitary man of killing his friend & stealing his car

A Nigerian man, Abdullahi Hassan Ali, has accused an unidentified Nigerian soldier of allegedly killing and stealing from his friend, Mohammed (pictured above), who was kind enough to give the soldier a lift in his car. Ali claims the soldier killed his friend, threw his body out of the car and drove away in the car. Possibly a robber in a military uniform. See what Abdullahi posted on his Facebook page after the jump...*graphic pic when you continue...

I can vividly remember those days when Mohammed was in my office as a student on industrial attachment (IT). He was such a gentle being will high hopes for the future.Although he appeared to be a quite and gentle person,but he is the kind of person that speaks alot when actualy says nothing at all.Moreover,i used to like him because he was a physics student from the same department i graduated in UNIMAID.It is so unfortunate that his life was cut short by a Auto-theft soldier that shot him and got away with his car.

Mohammed, being a generous and gentle soul gave the soldier man a lift in his car,and the soldier man shot him,threw him out of the car and ran away with it. Some good samaritans found Mohammed beside roadway bleeding to death and hurriedly decided to rush him to the nearest hospital, but poor Mohammed never made it to the hospital gate. Mohammed struggled and managed to narrate the unfortunate incident to his helpers before he died.The soldier man was later arrested with the car, and is still under custody. May almighty Allah forgive all his mistakes and grant him Aljannah.Ameen.

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