Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Truth hurts! The issue of cheating on a loved one hurts

The issue of cheating on a loved one is at its peak, hurting people is just criminal and kills them slowly, this time of the year is usually what I call cheating time because, one we are in a season of showoff all you have accomplished for the year, be you married, single or what ever class you belong. The truth is that everyone must blame someone for the wrongs happening to them, but are we really looking at the right source? I would try and break it down as much as I can. The first gender I wanna tackle is the male gender, single and married.

The truth about cheating is that is a habit, and everyone knows habits are things you have done often over a long time, as a young single man, you found pleasure in going in and out of relationships because getting out was a cool way of avoiding the problems you encountered in your relationship, this ultimately meant you also kept sleeping with different women and hence you already picked up a habit, unknowingly!

Soon you began to do two or more relationships at once, instead of learning how to groom a relationship and cherish it, you schooled yourself on finding joy in screwing different women, soon you grew into a man who wanted a wife and kids which ultimately meant you wanted a home, but you have never succeeded in being with one woman or surviving hard times in a relationship, you didn't learn how effective communication could fix issues before they become serious problems, your way of getting over issues was being with someone else.

Getting married doesn't automatically change your habits. You should mould your character before Marriage. Now you are married, with a wife and kids, of course you have been cheating on her the minute she got pregnant or as soon she started to have stretch marks and added weight, she can't do all she used to do to rock your bed, because your focus as always been on sex, you no longer see any reason to communicate with her and tell her what u fink, BOTH OF YOU, can do to better your sex life.

You will rather resort to your usual way of doing things, "get on the next available flight leading to no where"
Your problem dear married randy men isn't your wife, your problem has been you, you have lacked character from a young age, you never had time to know what was required of you in a relationship, there is a thousand things to learn in a relationship, that's why you are allowed to date before you get married, you don't learn communication by jumping around, you don't learn how to be satisfied with what you have by not adding value to it, you don't learn to adapt to the changes that comes with what you have, if you never really spend time understanding how to adapt to the changes and maximize it, if you never been through a good change before, how do you find strength in going through a new one?

Forget the single girl out there, you made a vow to your wife! Fear God, be a man and keep it. if you are in a relationship, stay there! Make it work, learn, grow, don't jump around looking for the easy way out, because you will discover that over time you have not grown in intra-personal relationships. so when you get married tomorrow when your wife no longer has all the energy for your always eager manhood, you would give her your company rather than your absence, because the reason she lost her shape, her firm breast, the reason she is no longer as good as she used to be is all because of YOU.

Secondly young men you must strive to fear God, no one likes to hear this part, there is a popular saying, it is hard to change from what you are used to doing, thou shall not commit fornication! It sounds difficult and silly but check out the adverse effect it would have on your tomorrow! If the woman you will get married to tomorrow is your first sexual encounter how would u then learn cheating at old age? How would you know that if your wife who is no longer a little girl who has sex with you all the time just to keep you, doesn't have such time anymore because she now has ALOT to take care of, that when she doesn't give it to you, there is a lazy girl out there waiting for a few thousands in exchange for her pride?

Men and young boys we seriously need to work on our character and relationship with God. We make women fight and hate themselves, because we are a not grown character wise, we make it look like these women are not good enough! You enjoy watching them fight over you? It isn't because you are special its because they don't really know who you are and what they should want!

Fornication creates the habit of always wanting sex, sex creates the urge to always want to blind give so as to avoid any resistance from the woman, that habit gives birth to not having enough....that habit has given birth to who you are now! A RANDY SERIAL CHEATING GROWN KID!

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