Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nigeria Set to Have International Cement Research Centre

In line with the newly introduced cement policy and President Jonathan’s industrialization process, Nigeria is set to become one of the six countries to have international cement research centres from Lafarge, a global leader in cement, aggregates and concrete making. Nigeria will be joining France, China, Brazil, India and Algeria as host of Lafarge’s development laboratory targeted at developing new solutions and business opportunities to consumers.

Larfage.jpgGilles Rochard, Prospective Research and Eevelopment Director of Lafarge Group, announced this in Lyon, during a media tour of the Group’s facilities in France. “There will be one in Nigeria,” Rochard said, while explaining the Group’s plan to launch the state-of-the-art research facility in Africa’s largest economy.

“I know Bruno Lafont (Lafarge’s CEO) is pushing for that. In our business, we try to be active in innovations. We don’t research for the sake of it; we research to create products that will add value for our customers,” he said.

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