Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Must read for parents – Don’t let your child fail under your watch!

There is nothing more painful than seeing one’s child perform below par or even simply not come out as the best. Is there a way to prevent this? 100% yes there is. But it takes time and patience, so the question is, do you think your beloved child is worth it? If yes read on.

Parents have a difficult task of raising and rearing the future. Here are some great tips gathered from a Question and Answer session with Prepclass, Nigeria’s most reputable lesson teacher agency and academics solutions provider.

Read the best parts of the interview below:
Question: With your experience what are the 3 most important things that can help a child succeed
We would say giving the child good education, helping them develop the right attitudes and identifying and developing their talents early on

When you say education, do you mean sending them to school?
Absolutely not; over 15 million children in Nigeria are in schools. Of course some schools are better than others but even in the best schools, 1 teacher supervises about 20 students. If your child was an important business investment worth millions would you simply hand it over to a manager who runs 20 other businesses without checking everything that happens every day? Certainly not!
Schools are extremely important, but personal 1-on-1 supervision is absolutely necessary, the parent must be an integral part of the child’s education andsupervise what they learn. Most parents are not teachers so they lack the pedagogical skill to teach their children, many don’t even have any time. If a parent truly wants the best results for their child, the best recommendation is for them to get a seasoned teacher as the child’s personal tutor.

Isn’t that too much, several parents already pay heavy school fees?
This is true. But studies suggest that 2 hours of personalized attention beats 5 hours of classroom learning. In a tutoring session, it is all about your child, your child and your child ONLY! And this is very important; a child between ages 6 - 10 in an averagely priced school whose education is supplemented by very a good lesson teacher will almost certainly outperform a child who is in an expensive school but having no personal support.
How does one get the best lesson teacher for a child?
That’s very easy. Click here and you’ll get a lesson teacher within a week. We have helped more than 150 parents get good lesson teachers in Lagos and we have very good results because over 95% of our tutors are practicing teachers (interested teachers can apply here)  in very good schools so they always deliver on results every time. We are a registered company in Nigeria, Our office is at the 6th floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, parents can come visit us whenever they want to, our phone number is 01-2913970 or you can have a chat with us whenever you visit our site, we have a consultant waiting online to offer free consultation from 10 – 6pm Monday to Friday and 12pm - 4pm on Saturdays
Wow… that’s amazing! Can you elaborate on your 3rd point; identifying and developing their talents early on
Every child is good at something, it maybe that the child is a computer genius at age 9 or draws very well at age 7 or the child really would really love to play any musical instrument or learn a foreign language. Most parents just brag about that and clap for the child but this isn’t nearly enough.
At Prepclass, we have tutors that can help children learn special skills that are outside any syllabus, the parent merely needs to request by filling this form or call 01-2913970 to speak with us directly

What are the Cost implications of all this?
We have a great diversity of tutors and our prices are flexible. We have 2 packages; Classic and premium packages. Classic package is for parents/clients that have a budget of N20k-N45k per month while the Premium package is for parents/clients that have a budget of N45k and above per month. More details about that here.

How long have you guys been doing this and where is your office?
We have been doing this for a quite a while now, approximately 2 years. We launched primarily as an online company but over time we noticed that parents were interested in connecting with home tutors. We were just recently nominated for the Future Awards in the education category and have gotten several accolades and recognition from academic institutions including the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). We are located at the 6th floor 294 Herbert Macaulay Sabo Yaba. or call 01-2913970

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