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Ukraine SITREP May 2nd, by Duff

On the anniversary of the tragedy on May 2 Odessa left without mobile signal
US armored vehicles in the center of Odessa
US armored vehicles, which were pompously a few weeks ago, welcomed at the Kiev airport by Petro Poroshenko, are deployed in the center of Odessa to intimidate the local population on the eve of the anniversary of the tragedy on 2nd of  May.

Ukraine Deports Italian Journalist for Odessa Massacre Truth
Missing soldiers optimizing national economy.
How many soldiers were killed in Debaltsevo? To the regime it seems beneficial not to know the exact number. Hundreds of people will remain just missing.
Hiding the deaths from the families, will save junta a good amount of money. The compensation to the families of confirmed death of the soldier is  609 000 hryvnia.
From across the ocean it was ordered to optimize the economy.
Cutting the cost is the most obvious steps in paving the way to the riches and prosperity. Therefore,  soldiers if they are still alive, need to prove their involvement in the combats by providing documented evidence, such as video evidence, or entries from the combat logs.
The problem with the requirement is obvious: none tells you that making selfies on the frontline is becoming mandatory. Combat logs are also known to be easy to keep accurately during, say shelling. Not to mention the brutal awakening when you realize that official army of your country is not keeping tracks of your assignments. They make damn sure that collecting the pile of document required to get a paycheck becomes a mission impossible.
Guys from so called fourth wave of mobilization, and there are many, haven’t seen a single paycheck since.
Those who were demobilized face similar, equally crazy  problems, they keep telling them that the money was paid in advance.
The families of fallen soldiers are in the worst position. In order not to pay the compensation, Ministry of Defence clarks apply killer bureaucratic formulas, sending official notices like:
-It is not possible to identify the body
– the soldier have committed a suicide (in order not to pay the compensation they write letters to the families that their sons have committed a suicide, even if the person was killed in combat.
– the soldier can be declared a deserter or missing.
All for the budget savings.
AgroGeneration eyes expansion in Ukraine this year
AgroGeneration could expand its farming activities in Ukraine this year as an improvement in its finances allows it to target companies weakened by the political and economic crisis in the country, its chairman said.
Ukraine fiasco in Brazil
Brazil will not build a spaceport, “Alcantara” with Ukraine. This was announced by former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.
In spite of fierce competition with much more powerful countries, through many difficult negotiations and  compromises, Ukraine was prefered to close the deal. However,  after the coup, these  who call themselves patriots, loudly shouting   “Glory to Ukraine”,  really dashed the glory, which was for decades created by scientists, designers and manufacturers. At the command of their masters, they put an end to the most advanced industry of Ukraine – the aerospace industry.
Azarov said that it was the only major investment project of Ukraine abroad, giving the prospect of  development for many years.
In the production of missile systems were involved dozens of Ukrainian companies.
Unidentified special units carrying out  special operations against Ukrainian battalions
According to the  spokesman of People’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR), Eduard Basurin there is possible “targeted liquidation” of uncontrollable nationalist formations by foreign mercenaries.
DPR intelligence reports that after a brief shooting, special unit of unknown affiliation captured position of Ukrainian nationalist  battalion in Peski-Avdeevka area.
In a shooting four militants were killed. Their bodies were loaded into a van in plastic bags. Another seven, including two wounded, were taken by  the same van deeper into the occupied territory. After the incident, the shelling of the Donetsk airport  stopped.
This is the first time  since the conflict began that such special operations are carried  out in the front area. The question remains,  who carried out the liquidation.
One is certain, according to DPR intelligence data,   the mysterious group  was equipped with silent rifles of western origin, whilst  portable radio stations produced in EU were also active. (The origin of radio station is recognized by its special features).
RNBO (National Security and Defense Council  ) plans attack on the ammonia pipeline
Sources close to RNBO  revealed the plans for provocation to be executed between 1st and 9th of May, which will be used as a pretext to further restrictions of the rights and freedoms, arrests and  anti-Russian hysteria. It’s  about blasting  ammonia pipe “Tolyatti – Odessa”, presumably in the Odessa. region where they can later blame Odessa “separatists”. Information is confirmed by sources from the diplomatic circles in Kiev.
“Right Sector” keeps the witnesses of their crimes in the pit
former adviser to the head of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Alexander Danyluk. wrote on his Facebook page that extremist group Right Sector keeps four medical volunteers in the pit for more than five days.
Two of the captives – Sergey Suprun and his partner Biker – were the ones who saved from the Donetsk airport more than two dozen wounded cyborgs, writes Danilyuk.
He noted that, according to available information, the volunteers witnessed the illegal activities of the representatives of Right Sector  unit, therefore are now forced not to disclose this information.
«Правый сектор» держит в яме свидетелей своих преступлений 
Ukrainian military in  Luhansk region in search for vodka are breaking at night into the houses of local residents.
OUN, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists  admitted Debaltsevo calderon (+21 photos)
Nationalists ar accusing  the Ukrainian authorities and the military command for the criminal neglect  and announced a protest rally in the center of Kiev on 8th of May.
And now compare this with Kiev:
Police defending the march under the slogans of Bandera in the center of St. Petersburg
Finland parliaments  established  commission to deal with Russian journalists
The founder of the new Commission is the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, who said in January this year that Finnish officials should “respond quickly to misinformation in the Russian media.”
Russia Slams Direct Contacts Between Ukrainian Orthodox Church (KP), NATO
Moscow sharply criticized on Monday a recent visit by the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, Patriarch Filaret, to NATO headquarters in Brussels

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