Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Unfortunately, Joy Ogwu Can't Be Sacked Or Recalled By The Fed. Govt. - Read Why

In as much as i would like to see Joy Ogwu sacked or be recalled by the federal government for her incompetency and for deliberately sabotaging Buhari's itineraries which, in turn, led to a gargantuan embarrassment on the person of my beloved President, it's not possible. Though her tenure expires in December 2015, which is barely two months from now. The emboldened, in my opinion, means she can't be sacked or recalled by the federal government. Read below

Permanent Representative to the United Nations

A Permanent Representative (sometimes called a "UN ambassador" is the head of a diplomatic mission to the United Nations Organization (or United Nations, UN). Of these, the most high-profile UN Permanent Representatives are those assigned to headquarters in New York City (U.S.). However, member states also appoint Permanent Representatives to the other UN offices in Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), and Nairobi (Kenya).

Many countries, including the United States, call their UN Permanent Representatives "U.N. ambassadors". Although a Permanent Representative holds the equivalent diplomatic rank of an ambassador (or Chief of Mission or High Commissioner), he or she is accredited to an international organisation, and not to a Head of State (as a nation's ambassador would be) or to a Head of Government (as a High Commissioner would be).

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