Tuesday, October 20, 2015

President Obama of Uncle Sam is the 21st century Roman Nero ?

There is no doubting the fact that President Obama of Uncle Sam is the 21st century Roman Nero. Over the years, his indifferent attitude in respect of the numerous war crimes he has committed across the globe has continued to marvel many. In relations to the order of Obama, several mass killings, involving children have been recorded in vulnerable countries under his administration. Bombing of children was and still pronounce in Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, to mention a few, under the charged of Obama!!!

Obama who is an high priest in the temple of White supremacy, have no qualms in expanding and at the same time worsening the crimes of George W. Bush. This delusional in fact extended the drone program to Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Libya, and Somalia. Tens of thousands of children died in the Somali from “Obama Drones Attack”. Obama’s apologists and the corporate media have done so well in parading one of the most despicable men of this century as a saint. Obama’s hypocritical talks all the time have revealed his own worst limitations!!!

Obama in his so called fight against mean violators of human rights, in his absurdity, have ignored the most tyrannical regimes in the Middle East; Israel and Saudi Arabia. Since war is a product of hate, oppressed nations in the globe will be within their god-given rights to defend their territories with all sense of responsibility by giving back the hate-tit for tat. It will forever be a wishful thinking to wait for the day that the International Criminal Court will trial these war mongers with crimes against humanity. Thus oppressed nations must seek for justice by forming alliance against a common foe!!!

~Ifágúnwà Tèmítópé-


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